GXX: anji combos and vs Sol and zappa

Hello everytone this is thread for all the anji players. I need to know some combos for anji since most of the combos i’ve seen are that of X box so please keep it to pS2. Also what do you do when you go up against the millions of Sol players and Zappa player since Sol is a regular pain of himself and zappa is way to hard to hit with all his ghosts flying around. Also does anyone know how to use anji’s IK a lot more better than i the way i do it ( i wait for a air attack and hit the wiffed hit).

I’m no expert with Anji, but I do know the basics. Perhaps the biggy you need to know with him is the butterfly trap.

Butterfly trap:
After a knockdown, and you being probably I say within sweep distance, you send out the butterfly. The opponent should block it once he has gotten up. You rush at him and land a 2D to S version Fujin with the K follow-up, then repeat. Most playerz I’ve seen use dash up, 2P, 2S, 2D, S Fujin, so on. And if you’re wondering what happens if the guy jump, you either airthrow or do Ong.

Strengths of the Butterfly trap:

  1. Does the damage
  2. If used wisely, can place the opponent in the corner where the famage is really ripped out
  3. Can only be escaped by a smart player, no scrubs allowed


  1. A smart player will Instant block it then airdash backwards. Done, end of Butterfly trap
  2. You gotta adapt it with the perfect defense against people because depending on the distance, the person may be able to recover after the 2D to S Fujin

Other wake-up options:
1.If you can, try TKing the 214 P in the air, although use it spaingly as people will soon know when to look for it.
2. 6HS cannot be thrown out of, at least I haven’t seen that happen. If the guy tries to wake-up throw you, most likely it will just whiff, then you can do the auto counter. If blocked, you have a small chance of landing either the stomp of the TKed 214 P in air. Dunno, that’s what I do at least.

Combos? Well, pretty much after a 623 HS, you can land his overdrive 632146HS, but if the damage scaling is getting BS, you might as well just let them land and start the butterfly trap. If you have no meter and the damage scaling is still decent, sj, S, P, S, D. In the corner, try to land 2D, S Fujin, RC, run up, S, S, 623 HS, then read previously stated.

I know in Reload he gets a couple of tweaks here and there, like a FRC K Stomp and I believe a Fujin infinite in the corner?

Yes, well, I believe his dust is one of the quickest ones, next to Ky’s and Jam’s. He can also deal some pretty decent damage. I use the simple D, Pursuit with a Perfect guard, HS, 623 HS, butterfly trap. Simple, but there are probably elaborate combos.

Like I said, I’m no Anji player, but that is what I know. Where’s that KBnova guy…

When tiger kneeing the orb the are a bunch of goods ways to do it such as : after knock down or throw in the corner throw a butter fly so you can run in behind it, do 2p,5s Close,2147p also you can tiger knee it during the first or second hit of 6hs. Im not sure if this wil workoutside the corner but if you hit with the orb Rc and about the 4th hit and do 5p, On. this willl land them outside of the corner and in to a perfect trap setup.

NOTE: Big bad mog said something about peoplw knowing when to look for the orb so heres a mixup option run in 2p,5s,2s,2d, Fuujin slash version then hop afterwards and repeat. it will take you a while to train your opponent to fall for this ut when you do its quite effective.

Anjis super jump combo:
ther are plenty ways to go into this like: Kai p version if it connects run in k,s,superjump,k,s,hs,2147p this does good damage but hard to land on seasoned players. The second is after On superjump,k,s,hs,2147p this this doesn’t work on everybody (ky,potemkin, probably johhny.

I’m assuming you know how guardpoint works. but if it connects Rc and the 7th hit land and do one of the following: 5p,on/ k,s,on/runi in a little 2p,5s,on/k,s,superjump,k,s,hs,2147p.

and as for his instant kill don’t use it unless yor opponent is dizzied.

Theres is more but this is what you should know.

I don’t advise using the K follow-up from Fujin unless they are down because most of the players I play against can punish you on reaction, especially if they’re looking for the delayed S follow-up.

EDIT: Also, does anyone know any effective strats against Sol and Zappa? I don’t really use him when facing those characters, hell, I rarely use him at all!

for sol…auto guard is your best friend…if you can anticipate what your opponent is doing, you can easily auto guard anything thrown at you, and punish it w/ a P right after the auto guard…connect that, then RC and capitalize w/ an air combo of your choosing

Autoguard is not a great option vs. Sol. Too many moves ruin autoguard left and right. There are certain ones like bandit bringer that you can punish with autoguard but no good Anji player should ever rely on autoguard as their main tool.

If you really wanna get some good Anji advise I strongly reccommend you head over to Gamecombos and hit up the Anji forum. Most of the big Anji players that post strats and talk matchups do so over there. Stop on over and you’ll get help and info a lot quicker than you will over here at SRK.

Nice, alright thanks for the help esp for the butterfly trap.