Gyah Kita Ki (My demon brethren): The Firebrand teams and assists thread



Post up teams of Firebrand.

  1. Who is in your Firebrand team (name assist too)?

  2. What do you plan to do with this team (rushdown? keepaway?)

  3. What are some set-ups with this team (unblockables, ambiguous cross-ups, block strings, anti-Phoenix tech etc.)?

  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses?

  5. List team combos/resets/mix-ups (if any) and possible DHC Synergy.

  6. Do you like what team you made?

Firebrand’s assists

a: Hell spitfire (heavy)

This assist hits OTG, but it comes out very slow. So this assist is probably gonna be used for cover (if used at all).

b: Demon Missile (medium)

This assist goes straight through the opponent (kinda like Wesker’s jaguar kick). It looks like Phoenix overdrive so it will probably be useful as a combo extender more than anything.

y: Demon Missile (heavy)

The best assist IMO. Not only does it go through the opponent, but it is fast as hell and hard to punish according to Maximillian. Perfect for cross-ups.

Notes: I can imagine Luminous body carries over as an assist. So if you use Luminous body and tag out, the assist become faster, therefore making Hell spitfire as an assist alot more useful.

This character also is not an assist character. His assist look mediocre, if not bad.

Ok please post your team ideas. GO!!!


Tourney teams with Firebrand on it

So this is for teams that we seen on stream or at local tourneys with Firebrand on it. This is just a quick analysis of the character on the team. How does the team work and how does Firebrand do on it? What can be approved upon? What are some set-ups? Team combos? Etc…

Chris G- Ryu/Firebrand/Hawkeye

Looks to be a solid team. It lacks an unblockable set-up but Chris G proved that he didn’t need it. Chris G composed his team to have great DHC synergy just like his last team in vanilla. Also, getting second at NEC, the first major for Ultimate, proved that this team can work.

Strengths- Great DHC synergy. Has 2 good assist to help Firebrand get it. Very versatile.

Weaknesses- Low health. Firebrand lacks damage. Seems more like a Hawkeye team more than anything.

Does not play anymore.

Udaterasu- Ammy/Firebrand/Vergil

Probably the best team for Firebrand. Ammy is upfront to build a lot of meter, and then when its Firebrand’s turn to fight, he goes the fuck in. Even in Ammy dies, Firebrand/Vergil is a really good shell to work with. Team has so many fuzzy guard set-ups, unblockable set-ups, so many ways to get in free, etc. Great overall team.

Pros- Strong mixups. Unblockables. Get in for free. Vergil in the back for more lolz.

Cons- very low damage. Have to play Ammy, who takes alot of smarts and execution.

Zak Bennett- Firebrand/Dormammu/Ammy

CeeDizzy (Im not known nor very good but I think my Firebrand team is great)- Firebrand/Frank/Ammy

MysticBranded (plays a team that I find really solid) - Firebrand/Sentinel/Akuma

Marvisto- Firebrand/Taskmaster/Arthur

Local guy from Michigan (forgot who)- Firebrand/Doom/SuperSkrull


Since Firebrand is all about being hard to hit, I think Doctor Doom will be a great assist for him, particularly the Hidden Missiles. With the Missiles on deck you can risk a lot more, since people have to respect them when they come down. By flying around it can be really easy to protect the assist since the opponent will always turn around if you cross them up.

Objectively it seems like Firebrand will be best on point with multiple assists to maximize his damage output and ability to get mixups. Since his assists aren’t great I wouldn’t think about putting him second, unless you tagged him out using Luminious Body into a safe hyper.

My first try with Firebrand will be using Firebrand/Taskmaster/Doom. I’m still a little doubtful about Taskmaster in the mix since he doesn’t have a really 100% safe hyper to DHC into when I try to save Firebrand. But on the other hand he has a good projectile assist that won’t scale Firebrand’s combo damage as much as say, Uni-beam. I’m pretty sure about Doom’s inclusion and his placement.

That second post is a really good idea, by the way.


Cee Dizzy, why not take over the main Firebrand thread? It needs an owner that loves it.

Day one team is Firebrand/Dormammu/Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer). Firebrand and Dormammu’s assists are undetermined as of yet.

Mostly play a delay game with Firebrand, and use the excess meter from Dark Harmonizer to either keep him permanently buffed with Luminous Body or get his level 3 going often. Frequent random Bon Voyages canceled into Luminous Body to make them safe and make my opponent feel unsafe. :wink:

A little numbercraft about Luminous Body + Dark Harmonizer:


I’m going to use the same team, but I might use FB-y/Dorm-y/Morri-y


I kinda wanna use firebrand but i dont think he’ll work well with hulk who i really want to play lol!


I play Firebrand y/Hulk a/Sentinel a.

This team can both rush down and run away. Firebrand can chuck fireballs all day in the air and he can do mix-ups with Sentinel’s assist which I will write about in the Firebrand mix-up/reset thread sometime today. Hulk really doesn’t benefit from Firebrand’s assist but everybody knows that Hulk/Sentinel is pretty fucking broke.

Set-ups are pretty good. I have one set-up that I got from Marlin Pie’s C. Viper. You know how he applies pressure in the corner with Ammy’s assist and jumps and dashes down a couple times before he does his mix-up? Well same concept here, except Firebrand doesn’t a real airdash like your phoenix’s and your Magneto. To mimic this, you can tiger knee his L Hell Dive to make the opponent guess whether or are going high, low or crossing up. Cheap shit. Thanks Marlin Pie for the idea. But till this day, I don’t know whether he is being fancy or not lol. There are other set-ups like a simple block string plus Sentinel’s assist then you can either do Hell’s Elevator L or Hell’s Elevator M. L will stay in front of course and M will cross up. After that you can do Hell dive M and depending on the character, it will be an ambiguous cross-up.

Strengths are that this team has good DHC synergy and you have tons of set-ups and resets with this team. Weakness is that it requires Sentinel for this team to function. Without Sentinel, your resets are limited and Hulk is by his lonesome because Firebrand’s assist are ass.

I think you would like this team… Probably the best you can get with Firebrand and Hulk together.


^ you can’t make his full screen mixup assist work? Its gotta be more useful than you are giving it credit for.


If I play Arremer on point and Bionic Commando as my Anchor, what kind of a character should I place between these two? I was thinking about Sentinel because drones are great but I don’t want to sacrifice a slot just because of an assist, and Sentinel is not that great alone, at least in my experience.

Also get that combo/tech thread up please, lots of stuff out there to squeeze from Assist me, previews, youtube, hands on time with Firebrand.


I have a few teams I want to try firebrand with

My first team is going to be my Vanilla duo (Viper/Dante) with Firebrand as anchor. I might switch it around and put Dante as anchor as well. Assists are probably Seismic Hammer/Jam Session/Air swoop (dont remember name)

I also want to try Vergil/Firebrand/???. With the ??? being possibly Sentinel for a lockdown assist. With that team I will try and build a meter or two with Vergil then DT -> Luminous body which will give Firebrand 2 great assists to work with (since its been reported that Vergils DT assists are nucking futs). For this one the assists are either Judgement Cut or Zerker slash/Air Swoop/Drones


Im thinking about using Firebrand, Hawkeye, Shuma becuz i think firebrands mobility in air and shumas assist could be very tricky together (possibly hitconfirmable) and hawkeye with shuma for a laser assist hitconfirm into hawkeyes instant super but im still unsure on hawkeye, i would like to know who you think would make a good secondary on this team.


My prospective team is X-23 (Ankle Slice), Rocket Raccoon (Pendulum), Firebrand (Demon Missile Medium/Heavy). I love Rocket Racoon’s assist for controlling the air, as well as Firebrand’s Heavy Demon Missile. Rocket Raccoon IMO can hold is own and could be hard to approach with either of Firebrand’s Demon Missiles. RR teleport mixups with Demon Missile should be interesting. Firebrand with level 3 X-factor sounds disgusting. If he has bar to spare, I can only imagine with Luminous Body, his Level 3, and X-factor, all combined would be like ><;

I’m still debating FireBrand/Wesker as anchor because of the Wesker OTG is just too good…along with Weskers changes (lol)


Do you guys think Viewtiful Joe (Shocking Pink) , Rocket Raccoon (Pendulum) & Firebrand (Demon missile Heavy) would Work well together.

Ive been considering this team but Im not sure If firebrand could really help Viewtiful joe as an assist. What are your thoughts?


Actually I was toying with his swoop assist today in casuals. Its useful, but it definitely isn’t the greatest assist in the world. Far from it. From what I saw, its good for a combo extender. I was able to do a full combo with Sentinel, call Firebrand, Rocket Punch xxx HSF and it worked… Also, Firebrand’s assist make the opponent float high. So you can do a combo with Wesker, OTG and hit them with Firebrands assist and do a reset (maybe even relaunch… gotta try it out later on).

I was able to use it with cross-ups with Hulk midscreen. I would call Firebrand and go under the opponent with gamma charge, they would get hit by Firebrand and I was able to clip them with H after Firebrand hit them.

Firebrand is definitely a point character over anything. I usually keep Firebrand out until he dies so I was never able to use it until today.


Damn Firebrands a point character. there goes my hope :frowning:


The team could still potentially work. I guess just use RR’s assist for V Joe and use Firebrand for RR’s teleports.

I like the idea of Firebrand anchor because his LVL 3 combined with XF3 seems to be crazy, and with another meter you can add luminous body for even more insanity. However I don’t have the game so I’m just speculating


I see but I would kinda need Firebrands assist to be good though. And Im not sure how good or how punishable his assist’s will be


With luminous body all of them will probably be good. Maybe TAC/DHC into Firebrand/Luminous Body, and then swap back to Joe or RR.


You know I completely Forgot about TAC’s. I wonder What type’s of aerial Shinanigans Firebrand can do


What do you mean by shenanigans? What are you looking for?