GZR Nights! 3s and CvS 2 tournament (4/4/08) in Hayward

Im probably going to this. cvs2 is 100% 1 game.

about how many people do you expect will enter the tourney for 3s?

Will be there.

any way to get here using bart?

Only bart + bus.


and also cvs? how many people usually show up, depending on the number i might be able to appear with some good cvs players.

I’ve only been twice, but the 1st time I went cvs2 was team format and there were at *least *8 teams that day, so 24+. But then again that one wasn’t Friday evening :bluu:

Mike, what bus do you take from BART?

either the 97 from Bayfair Bart or 92 from Hayward Bart.

OK. I will probably check this out. Ill enter 3s and CVS2.

ill probably make it to this one


btw, is it easy to find parking near Chabot?

:lol: If want to park close you can park in the school parking lot and it cost I think $2 but if you want to park in a good spot and don’t want to pay that like me then park in the parking lot across the street to this place called quickly’s or behind it. don’t park in fron to f cecelia’s though. there is a sign that says non customer can be towed or fined or something like that but I have parked there every day I have school there and there has never been a problem at all.

as for expecting #'s
I really want to try to get as many people to enter our tournemnts as possible or at least come to check it out and play some good casuals. and we definitely had higher numbers for CvS 2 specifically during our tuesdays but sadly we can’t do tuesdays anymore (read first post of GZR Nights! thread for more info on that) and firday’s is the only days we can do it. Later on towards the summer we may do one saturday one but that is still up in the air.

so for the #'s for both CvS 2 and 3rd strike I’m expecting about 8-10 per tournament but I hope we have more and the more the better and if you come that would be greatly appreciated. :bgrin:

I’ll play Cvs2 and 3S. I’ll stick around a bit for some casuals too.

Yo Im Not Good At Any But I’ll Show To Give Batman Some Support…Lets Do This!!!

Maybe I’ll win this time. Maybe. I’ll need some mad casuals though, I’m rusty as fuck.

I completely forgot about this. I just remembered a couple hours ago. I hope I can make it.

:lol: cool on my way right now hope to see you guys there. :bgrin:

ggs everyone especially “BIG DICK MARTINEZ” who knocked my ass out and everyone else in casuals.

BGS to the cheating ST CPU that was grabbing from out sweep in addition to walk forward sonic boom shenanigans.

scrub :bluu:

:lol: GG’s you guys here’s the results

3rd strike
1 letbloodrun
2 ShAix510
3 David
4 BigDickMartinez :rofl:
5 Junior
5 JP
7 EveryFlowerFlow

CvS 2**
1 ShAix
2 JP
3 K Rage
4 Batman77 :lol: GG’s to K Rage especailly some close ones :razzy:

What happened to the Cvs2 players say…they gotta show up?