GZR Nights! MvC 2 and GG:AC tournament (4/18/08) in Hayward

:lol: Alright all you Guilty Gear and marvel heads. we have a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tourny and Guilty Gear:AC tourny again.

entry fee per tourny: $5 + $1.25 cover charge = $6.25 per tourny

systems: Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be on Dream Cast
Guilty Gear:AC will be on ps2

when and wat: April 18th (this friday)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 at 5:45pm
Guilty Gear:AC at 7:45pm

where: Chabot College in cafeteria:
25555 Hesperian Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545

payouts and prizes: the **$5 **entry fee is pot and it’s
1st- $3.25 for every **$5 **entry (about 65% of pot)
2nd- $1.25 for every $5 entry (about 25% of pot)
3rd - $0.50 for every $5 entry (about 10% of pot) plus mystery prize
4th mystery prize

2 out of 3 double elimination for both games

we will also have plenty of open casuals as well during GZR Nights! from 4:45pm-9:45pm

you are also open to bring extra TV’s and Ps2’s or dream casts or watever because there is plenty of space to do so as well.

lol: this tourny has been on our website for a while but I forgot to put a reminder here again.

Let’s :rock::rock::rock:!!! :nunchuck:
Hope to see you guys there.:tup:

Hello there =)
I’m planning to attend and I was wondering the rules/format of the MvC2
tournament… Will it be 2 out of 3 and double elimination?

And I REALLY hope the tourney begins 5:45 ^^; gotta go to church by 8PM… =D
Thanx a bunch for having this tournament!


:lol: yup 2 out of 3 double elimination for both games. :wonder: thought I put that on there but I’ll add it. :bgrin: just trying to help the scene so bring as many people as you can for the tourny and for some casuals.

oh… haha, you did put it… ^^;; sorry about that
so i have never been to the place… is it easy to find and will there be parking space?

I was wondering the same thing about the time. Let hope it starts on time. I probably will be there a little early for casuals.

Batman, is the cafeteria in the 2300 BLDG near the Grand Court? By the way, who is going to this tourney?

Woo, Anthoneezy, KC??

:lol: for parking you should park at quicklys or cecilias across the street from chabot and walk over which is not that far. U can park in the chabot parking lot but it costs $2 unless U already have a school permit to park there.

Team MCB: I’m not 100% sure who is coming this time exactly but usually woo shows up to almost every one, mostly likely these people are coming back or showing up James, Slanging Smilez and his two friends, me, my friends Edward and mungai. plus ReidaTiga.

well I hope for the best if not then we’ll playing plenty of casuals so please anyone please come and check it out.

U Know Im Up In This…Dam You Woo LOL

thanx everyone (esp. Batman) for good times today! =D
i hope the ggxx:ac went well also

LOL GG Everyone…Came In Second Again…DAMMIT!!!..But Lets Do It Again

lol: sorry for the delay just doing a lot at once. Had a lot of fun though and still laughing with that Marvel vs Blackcom :rofl: results Marvel vs Capcom 2
1st- ReidaTiga
2nd- Slangin Smilez
3rd- James
4th- CJ