GZR Nights! MvC 2 and GG:AC tournament (4/18/08) in Hayward

:lol: Alright all you Guilty Gear and marvel heads. we have a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tourny and Guilty Gear:AC tourny again.

entry fee per tourny: $5 + $1.25 cover charge = $6.25 per tourny

systems: Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be on Dream Cast
Guilty Gear:AC will be on ps2

when and wat: April 18th (this friday)
Marvel vs Capcom 2 at 5:45pm
Guilty Gear:AC at 7:45pm

where: Chabot College in cafeteria:
25555 Hesperian Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545

payouts and prizes: the **$5 **entry fee is pot and it’s
1st- $3.25 for every **$5 **entry (about 65% of pot)
2nd- $1.25 for every $5 entry (about 25% of pot)
3rd - $0.50 for every $5 entry (about 10% of pot) plus mystery prize
4th mystery prize

we will also have plenty of open casuals as well during GZR Nights! from 4:45pm-9:45pm

you are also open to bring extra TV’s and Ps2’s or dream casts or watever because there is plenty of space to do so as well.

lol: this tourny has been on our website for a while but I forgot to put a reminder here again.

Let’s :rock::rock::rock:!!! :nunchuck:
Hope to see you guys there.:tup:

:lol: yup 2 out of 3 double elimination for both games. :wonder: thought I put that on there but I’ll add it. :bgrin: just trying to help the scene so bring as many people as you can for the tourny and for some casuals.

I really wish I could make it to this and bring a lot of people, but the GG dates just aren’t working for me. Wish it was there more often so I could show how big of a turnout we can get.

How was the turnout(GG especially)? I’ll go next time if I can find my pad.