GZR NIGHTS! tournaments and more! Hayward, California



the 4th Official Video Game Tournament sessions in HAYWARD, CA
in association w/PLAY N TRADE a Video Game store in San Lorenzo

These tournaments are brought to you by Game-Zone Recreation :tup: a video game and anime club at Chabot community college in the San Francisco East Bay area in Hayward California. these tournaments are open to anyone who can pay the entrance fee which is only [COLOR=“Lime”]$10.00[/COLOR]** per person per game.**

We’ve had good turn outs for the first tournament series (Spring 06) and the 2nd tournament series (Fall 06) was way better with bigger turn outs and the last tournament series we had was team (Fall 07) and was even better with even more turn outs.Last time we had a total of 17 games over a spand of about 8-9 weeks and the grand prize was $150 and in the past we’ve had a Nintendo Wii. for grand prize one year and a PSP for the first year.
These tournaments are a variety of games (not all of them are fighting games though) that go on about every or every other Friday at the moment (may change) at Play N Trade in San lorenzo.
so we trying to help the gaming community out in the bay area and help raise money for our Club. :wgrin:

These tournaments are basically a big fundraiser for our club so we can rent out a convention center for our next anime Con called the Kin-Yoobi Con so we need to raise about $1,500

The Story:
originally we were suppose to have GZR Nights! every Friday at Chabot College w/ Music artists and other things there to make it a :cool: spot for Friday evenings/Nights but they are kind of slow to get things done and at the moment we are not sure if we’ll even get every other friday let alone if we can have it there at all. Plus we going to have to dumb it down a Bit so we can get it approved by the school.
So at that point we had to find a new spot and through some Networking and meetings Play N Trade was kind enough to let us hold our tournaments there. so at the moment the ones at Chabot are pending.

I know a lot of you guys here don’t play Smash Bros Melee or Halo 2 but we will have other games like Capcom vs SNK 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Tekken 5 (hopefully DR), Guily Gear, Street Fighter 2 and 3 and maybe Virtual Fighter 5 and yes later even Madden.

And this time we are having even better CASH prizes this year and it is NOT a series like last time so you can come for a single tournament and play just that one and get a lot more money then last time. Sorry for the confusion :sweat: if any for last time.

yes you are open to and we encourage you bring your own sticks/controllers
we do have some but it is best if you bring your own so people in general have less excuses:wgrin:

These tournaments are really really fun. There is some good competition in these tournaments too and it is a great place to test your skills.
Here are the Video game tournaments we have so far for this season:

September 21st - Halo 2 and SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE

September 28th - Tekken 5 DR and **Halo 3
October 5th - Street Fighter 3 and **Capcom vs SNK 2

sign ups start at 3pm and are till the game starts (if later then that participate will pay a late fee to enter)

at the moment we have these dates and we just recently got the full go ahead to do this so sorry if it’s too soon but we are working on the dates for the other games we have coming up so keep checking this post.

I am also one of the tournament managers for the tournaments too by the way.

For more info please contact me first by posting here at the forums or PMing me. Also discuss wat you think about it.

Also check out the website by Game-Zone Recreation for info, videos of the past and present tournaments and also updates here at http://www.gzronline.com/
(we are working on updates too to make the site look better too)
also check out the forum there too.

the address is at Play N Trade:
17780 Hesperian Blvd
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

:lol: my bad for each game only 1st and 2nd place get CASH prizes and 3rd and 4th place get mystery prizes.

just added tournaments
September 28th - TEKKEN 5 DR and **HALO 3

:lol: just recently added! we will have a point system to add to the games for this session very similar to wat we had before but they are called RESPECT POINTS!!! and at the end of the session that person will be able to be called the top/best Gamer in the Bay Area! :karate: Get HYPED!!! :nunchuck::woot::lol:

I don’t want anyone getting :confused: so straight up the pay outs/prizes for each game go like this:

**1st place: 60% + 4points
2nd place: 20% + 3points
3rd place: mystery prizes + 2points
4th place: mystery prize + 1point

:lol: O both games are FFA for september 21st but we will have a singles tournament for Smash Bros. Melee in October and a team smash tourny later in the year.

as far as rules for Smash:


  • (may change) 5 life stock
    -top 2 advance each round
    -there are set stages already preset and they are on random.
    -No weapons**

I’m pretty sure that’s it.

As far as Guilty gear I just found out today that it came out yesterday so we’ll try to get that one there b/c you gotta have the latest version :bgrin:

and ether tomarrow or monday I’ll post up the schedule for most of October. :wgrin:

:lol: just added tournaments
October 5th - Street Fighter 3 and **Capcom vs SNK 2
other dates are being worked on at the moment. we are still waiting on the school :sad:.

We are open to use our own stick… right?

Is it also a possibility of adding more games to the roster, such as Melty Blood Act-Cadenza, and even Arcana Heart when it’s released on to the PS2.
And for SF2 what version would you guys be playing? CE, HF, ST? and what console?

:lol: O sorry about that.
yes you are open to and we encourage you bring your own sticks/controllers
we do have some but it is best if you bring your own so people in general have less excuses:wgrin:

as for new games to add to the roster we have now problem with adding new games to it but we just need to make sure there are enough people that are willing and able to participate in it. If not then it’s basically like a waste of time:sad:
you can request games to at our website at www.GZRonline.com Under GZR Nights!

as for the exact version of SF2 we are still deciding it but at the moment it looks like it will be Super Turbo and it will be on the Ps2.