GZRNights! Marvel vs Capcom 2 and GuiltyGear:AC tournaments - Hayward, CA - (3/21/08)

:lol: Alright all you Guilty Gear heads that have been bagging for a tourny here in the bay area and all you marvel heads out there. we have a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tourny and Guilty Gear:AC tourny.

entry fee per tourny: $6

systems: Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be on Dream Cast
Guilty Gear:AC will be on ps2

when and wat: March 21st
Marvel vs Capcom 2 at 5:45pm
Guilty Gear:AC at 7:45pm

where: Chabot College in cafeteria:
25555 Hesperian Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545

we will also have plenty of open casuals as well during GZR Nights! from 4:45pm-9:45pm

you are also open to bring extra TV’s and Ps2’s or dream casts or watever because there is plenty of space to do so as well.

Lets make this the biggest GG:AC in the bay!!! Let’s :rock::rock::rock:!!! :nunchuck:
Hope to see you guys there.:tup:

:lol: we have it on our website but I forgot to add that we also have a side tournament that day as well.

it’s Puzzle Fighter and the entry is only $2 and it runs on the side during the other two tournys and it’s starting at 6pm.

I might go if I can get there…

:lol: sorry about that that last time you came. we haven’t done that team season thing sense that last time you came and it was a little :confused: but sense then we have been straight forward with that information and it is in the main thread for GZR Nights! but I’ll put it up on here as well.

so for $6 entry fee
for every entry (about 60%)
2nd-$1.25 for every entry (about 20%)
3rd mystery prizes
4th mystery prize