[H]Akuma Hard Trial 5

Ok this trial is way, way easier than some of the other ones (I think the first hard one was the hardest to be honest). But anways, when I land the EX Tatsu it flings Dan off in the other direction which doesn’t allow me to finish with the EX Shoryu.

Is there some kind of trick or something to make him fling up, stay in the corner?

PS- Does dan have to be right in the corner for this to work? seems like sometimes the EX tatsu won’t connect when you combo off the c.lk (and 2nd hit blocks?) And does it matter if j.hk hits high or low?

edit- combo list for clarity: j.hk, far hk, c.lk, EX tatsu, EX Goushoryu

WOOT, I finally did it (dan stayed put this time !), still the question remains. Why does the long haired wuss fly off in random directions?

I had to do this one a couple of times too. It seemed to be random which direction he would fly. I’m sure there is some trick to it though.

I believe that this is a slight timing issue, it might be if you time the c.lk as a link instead of a cancel, he’ll go into the corner. But, i’m not a pro and my execution isn’t 100% so my answer isn’t really 100% either.

this happens with ryu as well, if you do 2 Ex. Tatsu’s, sometimes he’ll stay in the same corner, other times he’ll fly off to the other side.

Haha, sorry i couldn’t help much better ^^

I had this same problem, but after just hitting Dan with the ex-tatsu from slightly different distances, I’m fairly sure it’s how far away from Dan that you are that decides it. Try just using the ex-tatsu right next to him and then just a slight distance away from him and see if you get the same result.

I ended up having to start from an exact distance with the demon flip so that the tatsu would throw him the right way to finish the combo.

well all i know for that trial, dan was in the corner, but not up against the wall. i hit him with the first heavy kick from the very furthest away you can get him, the standing heavy kick gets you in close, the crouching light kick would hit then ex tatsu, and he’d stay. sometimes he’d go flying off but i think its just random.

Dan’s flying out of the corner has to do with the distance at which the 1st hit of ur ex tatsu hits him i think. a little less than max c.lk range or less would keep him cornered every time .

This faq (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps3/file/943711/55890), which I used to complete my trials, says that doing the tatsu in the left corner will prevent that from happening. I can’t confirm this tho, since I did on the right side and also had to give it a few tries.

Here’s the transcript from it: " This is an odd combo in that for some reason it doesn’t work if Dan is in the right corner, but it works in the left corner. For some reason after the two roundhouse kicks hit, when you link the c.LK into EX Tatsumaki it throws Dan out behind Akuma instead of throwing him back into the corner so to avoid this just do it in the left corner instead.

Aside from that stupid issue, you need to also be at the right distance
for this to go smoothly so start by pushing Dan into the left corner
and the back dashing three times and then tap forward twice so you're
moving forward two steps before starting the combo. At this distance
everything should go fine as long as your timing is correct."

its all about spacing know the right distance for the jump in HK test all kinds of them use the lines on the floor as markers.