H. Grapple Assist, who can even use it really?

I could be a complete moron here but over in the Frank West sub forum I’ve been asking about Spencer Frank (Or Spank as I like to call it) teams. I’m having an issue finding a 3rd character. Shopping cart is an incredible assist and just about everyone can make use of it but in order for Spank to work right Spencer needs to be on his H. Grapple assist to level Frank. Just wondering if any of my fellow commandos have ever experimented with this assist and other characters so I can figure out some more stuff with it.

Figured I might see if we can make a sort of list of the ways it could perhaps be used, for other’s reference. I’ll put (Concept) or (Confirmed) at the end. Confirmed means it’s been done, concept means it should work but you kinda never know till you try. After there’s more details on each use I’ll put them in. I’ll also switch the format later to a better one cause it looks a little ugly at the moment.
[]Frank can get an extra camera shot out of it and a super if he’s positioned right. (Confirmed)
]Dante can OTG with his guns after they’re HKDed by it. (Confirmed)
[]Vergil can slash them up out of it and do what he does outta that. (Concept)
]Haggar can punt them into it and maybe get another punt or a pipe hit out of it. (Concept)
[*]Iron Fist can OTG them with QCB. H and possibly lead into more. (Concept)
Also if someone could tell me how to Collapse this that would be lovely cause I hate the length of this thing right now.

You can always pull a Bee and just go Spencer Frank Dante…great team

It is, just neither Sparta twin really appeals to me as a player.

or you can go with Spiderman/frank/dante like i do. then you can still use your Spank thing.

was thinking of making a video of them to showcase leveling up with spidey.

If it were up to me and not up to my lack of execution, I’d be running Spidey/Spank. Spidey’s need for consistent ability to DP mid combo just screws me cause I’m really bad at it for some reason. Per curiosity though does spidey have an assist that allows for a pick up after a camera shot? Tried it with web ball before but they seem to get out too fast.

nah man spideys may as well be called ASSists because they are all pretty bad. theres nothing you can use for getting extra camera shots. you can get frank to level 4 though from any hit without crappy TACs or using meter if you run spidey on point.

Really? Web throw raw tag I’m guessing is how it ends but getting to 49 hits before doing that seems troublesome.

Well I have yet to try it out so I don’t know that actual viability of it, but I’ve been thinking of Tron on point, Frank West 2nd, with anchor Spencer. You could also try Spencer on point, Tron and then anchor Frank West, although i have yet to mess around with Tron’s assists to figure out which one is best. However, with this team with Tron on point you could easily level 5 Frank with one touch if you can get Tron’s Lunch Rush and DHC into FW and whiff Survival Tactics. But you would have to be willing to use Tron. I’ll come back and let you know how good it might be once I try the team out a little more.

You can actually use his vertical grapple assist to level up Frank, it’s just a bit harder.

I don’t think that’s really in question anymore. This is an old thread and the person who made it hasn’t logged on since december. But yes, I do have a video showing off Frank/Spencer levelling with slant shot.


That assist can be really awesome for Hawkeye:<div><br></div><div>After your standard launch combo, you can call Spencer and do poison tip, then they’ll be on the ground again, where you can follow up with the ice arrow and relaunch them. I use that when I do Hawkeye, Spencer, Vergil.</div>