[H]New To Fighting Games, what Stick/Char/Game etc?

Hi, I’m new here. I have always liked the depth and strategy involved in fighting games but never really played them too heavily. I’ve mostly played RTS like SC:Broodwar (pretty damn good at this game). Also play poker.

Recently the CPS SF3:3rd strike emulator was released and I’ve been playing with my Akuma/Ken with my gamepad. I’ve always liked this game, Alpha 3, and CvS2 the best of all fighter games.

I was just wondering, what is the best game to learn to play on? What Character is best to learn with? What are some basic strategies, etc? What are the best and worst characters in these games and why? I’ve read Sirlin’s page a few times as well as other game related books (Art Of War, Poker Books, etc)

I’m probably pretty newb (or scrub) /w Akuma but I think I’m pretty decent I guess.

What are some advanced combos, or juggling combos that I can learn pretty simply? What are some glitches or frame timings that I should know?

Where can I get a arcade stick? and how much do they cost? I can understand the benefits to using sticks over gamepads but I really suck at using it (esp. for shoryukens) any tips to improve control?

PS- I’ve watched a bunch of tournament videos and combo videos and they are very entertaining and I can see the skill involved and I have much respect for you guys, but I just don’t understand the subtleties and/or what moves are being used most of the time.

PPS- Victoly plays Dudley right? I signed up with you as a referal if you care (:

There are boards for many of the games you interested in on the forum (CvS2, Alpha, 3S) so you can go there to look for strategies and ask questions for particular characters.

Many are going to tell you Super Turbo is the best game to learn on, personally I think 3S if you really like it, is okay to bridge back into other games.

There are tier lists also that tell you about where the characters fair in their games on their respective boards.

Finally you can look in the Tech forum for answers about arcade sticks.

dont play 3s if you are just learning

You know, before this gets sidetracked about which game you should start on I’ll just defer to others. I wouldn’t want to confuse someone new with conflicting ideas.

So yes, ST would be a good game to start on to learn basics. Most of the things learned there are transferable, wholly or in part, to later fighting games.

As for hitting moves on a stick, just keep practicing. After awhile you do it no problem, it’ll be just like using a pad, only your execution will be better. (Mostly I find that it’s not the directional inputs that gets a whole lot better, it’s your button presses since you are using more than a thumb, though overall it is an improvement.)

To add on you should also find some human competition to play against as well, I can tell you this from experience that all the trianing in the world cant really help your execution against a human opponent if you dont play one. I think if you havent found someone who is willing beat the hell out of you or someone who is equally new then that should be the first priority. And find a game that YOU like because some games that people recommend to you can be a bit boring/too fast.

Yea ST looks kinda boring and fast for me. Saw a few videos on that game too, lots of shit looks imbalanced or cheap. Balrog’s low punch/face bite thing for example, wtf is up with that shit?

Where do you guys normally go play at ? You pay money and play at arcades all day? How can I find competition around my area?

Could you guys kindly give me links to those other forum threads?

People who live near arcades go, you should check in the regional matchmaking section for your area to ask if there are any places near you. If not many times people have get togethers to play games.

Failing that, there is always the internet. It’s the less desireable option so always try to find an arcade/lan center that has comp or someone who has get togethers or something first, since lag can change things and cause you to form bad habits, but if you try all that can still can’t find anything, than you can opt for kaillera (emulators) or Xbox Live if you have the equipment for that.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of competition in the OC and the So-Cal area. It shouldn’t be hard to find some people…

Fixed. Ahhaha… I’m funny. My friends tell me I should do standup.

You’ll hit the apollo theater in no time.

Personally, I say start with whatever game you actually like the most and play it if you are new to fighters.

Picking up a game you aren’t interested in is just going to burn you out quickly as you will get bored. If you play a game you love regardless of what it is you’ll find yourself learning at a good enough pace since you are going to be playing it a lot more because you enjoy it.

Same with characters.

That’s like saying Star Craft looks imbalanced or cheap.

And nothing is imbalanced or cheap unless proven otherwise.


Start off with the game YOU like best. I don’t get why 3rd Strike is such a bad game to start off with. 3rd Strike is fun as hell, why should he ‘wait’ to get better at fighting games to play it?

3rd strike sucks at teaching things like zoning, and spacing

Play whatever you feel is comfortable for you. But definitely play some ST, because it’s the most fundamentally sound SF game ever and you can apply knowledge of that game to other fighters. But since you already declared it cheap and imbalanced(and not to mention boring), I guess that’s a no-go for you.

But yeah, you’re in Cali, there’s mad comp for you there. Matchmaking forums ftw.


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I was talking about this video. And I was right, There is only 1 frame to reversal the throw, and he picked Honda because it doesn’t work on him.

I mean shit he only has to do it what 4-5 times and thats your whole bar.

What kind of shit is actually banned? I would be interested to see that.