H.R. Giger passes away, 74


This is going to be a terrible fucking day. Bloody hell, the last two Sundays I spent with the wife and friend watching all the Alien movies in semi-order (Prometheus makes a bit more sense if you watch Alien first). Beautiful creepy stuff.

If ripley was the monster's mother, then he was the father. H.R. Geiger passes away

Damn, that sucks

That design is both elegant and creepy. It will stand the test of time.
RIP :sad:


2014 is looking like a awesome year…


2014 is taking all the good things and leaving all the crap. R.I.P. H.R.G. :sad:



damn, he was my favourite artist, quite literally. For years I wanted to buy something legit he made. Was saving at one point to buy these little statues he was making and selling for a couple grand.

my favourite work he ever did was:


If I recall, he called this one: Shotgun Pump Excursion


The man made a TREMENDOUS impact on pop culture. Just think about the number of video games that have stolen or been inspired by his work from Metroid and Contra and all the way to Dark Souls 2.


Oh, damn, Giger! :confused:


The world will have less imagination.


Is like 2014 wants to take away everything that is good :shake:


This saddens me greatly. Giger was one of my absolute favorite contemporary artists.

Back before I got into psychology I was a studio art student, and Giger (along with Todd Mcfarlane) was a major influence and inspiration in my more nightmarish and hellish pieces. I had always wanted to get him to sign his Necronomicon artbook.



RIP the master of the penis


He drew a lot of vaginas too…


First time I heard about him was from a guy who wanted to study comics in France in the late 90s.
I was impressed too by his works, even had some posters. I was surprised to read that he disapproved of using his works in the subsequent “Alien” movies

at one point he wasnt even credited by the Alien producers


I am sad to see him go as I identify with his works more than any other artist.


Yea I know but am a good christian man and am forbidden to even read that word let alone write it. Fuck.

Anyway not a big fan of his work tbh, but mad respect anyway as he contributed to and arguably even set up the artistic style for the greatest movie ever made (Aliens) and subsequent movies and games over many genres and mediums. He toned down the neon of the 80s and injected some of that 70s grit. Grey shades bitches.





As much as this is saddening news, I can’t help but wonder about the prospect of Giger’s coffin.


Giger had such a uniquely beautiful sense of dark imagery. He was a genius.

This blows. :tdown:


I always wanted to know what he thought of Prometheus and some of the choices that were made. BTS footage on the Blu showed him looking at all the sketches during pre-production in a very disinterested way.


Gonna play Contra 3: Alien Wars today, he defiantly inspired those games.