[H]: Steam account with Dota 2 [W]: Steam Games or Coal

I have a spare account that has Dota 2 on it. Two of my friends used to share it but they both have Dota 2 keys of their own now. I can meet you in person if you live in LA and are paranoid about getting scammed or w/e. If you live in LA, you can have the key for 30 dollars but you have to come to me. I don’t have paypal ; 30 dollars is the LA price only.

Some games that I want are:

  1. Sonic Generations ~$22 with holiday sale
  2. Super Meat Boy ~$8
  3. Orange Box ~ $10
  4. Any fun/casual games, make offers

I can also trade it for 17 pieces of coal. All offers considered!

I will give you the account details, and we will change the email address to yours so that I can’t go back and change stuff around later.

LA as in Los Angeles

Current best offer is Super Meat Boy + 2 coal.


Super Meat Boy + 2 coal + 25% off any valve game steam coupon?
Braid + Everyday Shooter + 2 coal + 25% off any valve game coupon?

Let me know if those interest you

Messaged you. Don’t care so much about coupons unless it’s like -50% for valve or if it’s (any % off) for activision/rockstar/ubisoft. Valve games are pretty cheap right now.

would give you 17 coals for the acc

[e] 20 coal+the void+bit.trip.runner+50% valve x2
got also some other steam stuff to trade if you´re willing to wait a few hours, going to bed now.

Got the offers I was looking for. Top coal offer ended up being 120, but I learned that you aren’t guaranteed a game from the great gift pile. Some reddit user used 42 coal and got 5 useless coupons and a batman game. :\

So I’m taking an offer for local pick-up. If that deal doesn’t work out I will bump this thread. Don’t post after this please.