H-town MWC plans

hey guys, every who’s interested in going to MWC needs to post up here and get their plans made out.

my van already has it’s spots filled by crow, john s., joe c., and possibly turtler. that is the limit for the van this time.

there are at least 6-7 other people interested in going, so you guys should be able to get additional cars arranged.

so start making plans here.


I’m interested in going. We MAY be able to use my car, but don’t count on it.

it sounds like fun…but if i do go i’d rather fly…i dont like to be stuck in car with 5 cats for 20+ hours…but if anyone has hotel accomodations that they wanna share, post up…

yes mwc plans! uh who ever else is down to drive, i’m down to drop gas money. so who ever else is driving post up! and cmutt keep me updated should sumbody decide not to ride wit ya!

also, the red roof inn is the best place to stay since it is right across the street from the arcade. room rates are around $39 per night right now. that’s pretty damn good, so you guys might want to get your reservations done early.

the info. for red roof is somewhere in the MWC tourney thread. if someone can paste it here that would be helpful.


I definitely want to go this year since evo is moving to console, Water wants to go too, I’ll probably take my car (small toyota matrix) but lots of trunk space. If I drive I only want 4 people in the car including driver. So minus me and water I still got two spots open.

Hey i wanna go i’ll help out with gas money and driving if need be.

lay wuts the deal on those 2spots? and is n e 1 else gonna be driving?? post up ppl!

hey lay this is omar, im down to go. i can help out with gas money ill be at sg this tuesday

i want to go

provided i can get the time off im down to throw down gas money to jump in someones car and head to mwc, if someone says i can go with the for sure ill make sure i have off

Ok, thats like 2 cars, a maybe, and 98390182903891083908912083 people wanting a ride.

I want to go to MWC. I can contribute to gas money or whatever after I win 3s.

Damn man that’s confidence, did combofiend ever sign your card?:smiley:

Hey Lay, have room for one more?

Lay’s car is officially full…

Ashley, Omar, R0B0t, mopreme, Carnevil = more than enough to take another car!


I wouldnt mind goin if I could get a ride


Carnevil you drive this time you owe me for last time anyway, lets take your car ill take turns driving and put in for gas?

Sorry to everyone who’s decided to carppool with me to midwest, I’ve changed my mind and will be flying to chicago now (sorry martin!!!)

anybody from houston goin to MWC or what???