H2YL Presents: Cross Up (SF4/TvC) - 9/19/09 - Alexandria VA - now with MVC2?!?


Yo guys, I’m holding another tourney, this time there won’t be any Smash so it’s 100% focused on SF4 and TvC (if TvC gets any interest).

Also, if people wanna run other games (HDR/3s/blazblue/mvc2) and can bring setups, thats fine.


8019 Kidd St.
Alexandria, VA 22309

9/19/09 (Saturday)

Contact Info
My cell phone # is 703-861-2986
Please only call if you really need to, and also don’t add me to your contact list and start calling me casually after this tourney unless we’re cool. (lol someone did this once)
My AIM is chillindude829, feel free to IM w/ questions

Noon: Arrival
1 PM: Tatsunoko vs Capcom
3 PM: Lunch break
4 PM: Street Fighter IV teams
6 PM: Street Fighter IV singles
9 PM: Other events (if people want)
Midnight (this time can be extended if needed): Wrap-up

Entry Fees:
$5 venue fee
$5 per event
If you can help out by bringing a TV and a system w/ game (either SF4 or TvC) then you will get your venue fee waived

Prizes will be a 65/25/10 (for 1st/2nd/3rd) split of the entry fee

SF4 Events:
-2v2 (possibly 3v3)

2v2 (or 3v3) Rules:
-2/3 rounds
-2/3 games (finals 3/5)
-cannot have the same character twice on same team
-cannot switch character in any of the team tourneys
-every character allowed

Singles rules:
-2/3 rounds
-2/3 games (finals 3/5)
-character switching allowed
-every character allowed

TvC events:

-Ken’s invisibility glitch is banned
-OTG infinites are banned

Note that we’ll only run TvC if we get more than like 4 entrants lol

Also, we will have soda on sale for 50 cents per can, water for 50 cents a bottle and pizza for $1 per slice, possibly cheaper.

So yeah since this one is focused on SF4, lets try to get some hype and get a bigger turnout than last time.

edit: eric v will be bringing mvc2, if we get enough interest we can def have a mvc2 tourney as well

get hype


Jus’ Chillin


kazzy if you dont have anything to contribute go back to Denjin (where everyone sucks)

oh shit


Will this be at a place you’ve rented already, and any idea on the entry fee?


its at a house, and the entry fee is $5 for venue, and $5 per event.

so if you’re just entering sf4 singles it’d be $10, if you’re entering teams and singles it’d be $15 and if you’re entering everything including tvc it’d be $20


A house? Oh, is it just yours? That’s pretty cool.

So, what are the minimum amount of TVs are we looking at here? I can bring one and a PS3 with SFIV.


sweet. minimum # of TVs will be 4 or 5. there are at least 3 that i can provide. since theres no smash this time around the # of TVs shouldnt be an issue at all.

and im glad you’re bringing a ps3, last time there were only 2 360’s so ps3 people got kinda screwed


How big is the room we’re going to be playing in? I’ve got quite a few friends that might want to come as well, and they can get pretty rowdy sometimes, so is there anything we should know about? Neighbors or anything?


theres plenty of room, last time it fit around 20 people comfortably and that was only using the downstairs portion of the house. if we get a significantly higher number of people we can always use the upstairs.

it’s a single family home not a townhouse or anything so neighbors should not be a problem. last time we got plenty loud and there werent any problems at all


Oh, okay then, that works out just swell, haha. I’ve got 35 people coming to bring the pain! haha

By the way, one guy that’s coming has a problem with his dog. The dog won’t leave his side, and if he does leave it, it starts pooping and peeing like mad and barking like crazy, so will it be okay if he brings the dog? He’ll take it out if it needs to poop and stuff obviously. Do you have any dog food?


LOL what the fuck?


um, to be honest, no dogs allowed. sorry man.


I know, it’s an unusual dog. I think it’s because of the time the owner ran into the box of puppies when it was little with his car. Must have scared the little thing silly.


are you actually bringing 35 people

thats a lot


Oh, I guess then we can do without one person. By the way, how many washrooms do you have?


one bathroom downstairs, one upstairs


Yeah, we’re a close group of friends that know other friends. We all get together and play SFIV, Blazblue, KOFXII, and anything else. In fact, I think that number might increase to 40+ if word spreads about this tournament haha.

Just two bathrooms? hmm… I guess that’ll work. Do you might if we hotbox in your bathrooms during the tournament? Just for you know, to relax.



not in the bathrooms

do you have AIM or something lol this discussion has gone on far too long on the forums


chillin u just got trolled