H2YL Presents: SF4/TVC/Smash Biweekly FALLS CHURCH, VA 4/10

CHU DAT BIWEEKLY - Special Edition Featuring SF4, TVC, Melee, Brawl

Note: SF4 and TVC events will both be singles only. Smash events will have singles and teams

April 10, 2010
11 AM - Registration begins for Melee SF4 and TVC
Noon - Melee, SF4, TVC tournaments begin
4 pm - First 3 tourneys should be over, Brawl begins
Midnight - Wrapup

Entry fee/Prizes
$5 Venue fee
$5 per game

1st place 60%
2nd place 30%
3rd place 10%

This tourney will be hosted conveniently in Falls Church, VA within 10 minutes of a metro stop. It’s hosted at Chu Dat’s house so please be respectful to the residents of the house and clean up after yourselves.

3312 Dauphine Dr.
Falls Church, VA 22042

Contact info
Any questions/comments can be posted here, if you have a question on the day of the tourney you can give me a call
703 861 2986

btw im a beast at all these games (except brawl) so money match me

this is like 2 mins from my moms house. kinda last minute but ill see if i can make it out.

good shit pat, yea i know its kinda last minute but hopefully we’ll get a good turnout because of the convenient location. and plenty of smashers will enter sf4/tvc so we’ll still get a decent sized tourney going regardless

I am going to xanadu on the 10th but if there are more events like this I will definitely show up to those.

Hmmm if I cant get a ride to Xanadu I will be here and maybe we can do teams in TVC and SF4 Mr Chillen Dood!!

I’ll be here.

Hey I might be able to come to this. What’s the setup for SF4? Need anything?

if anyone could bring a 360 w/ sf4 it would be much appreciated. also a tv would help but i understand if thats too much of a hassle to bring.

edit: a wii and tvc would help too, but i think smashers will bring tvc

30 min drive, probably will be there

for those of you coming, id recommend showing up closer to 12:30 or 1, its no big deal but i might not get there till then and there might not be a sf4/tvc setup yet. just letting you know, hopefully it wont be a problem

no one showed up except brawl people. how disappointing -_-