H2YL's Fighting Game Biweeklies (SF4, TvC) 9/5/09 Alexandria, VA - Finalized schedule

This isnt gonna be anything huge but if you’re in the area and want some SF4/TvC action def check it out.

8019 Kidd St.
Alexandria, VA 22309

9/5/09 (Saturday)

Contact Info
My cell phone # is 703-861-2986
Please only call if you really need to, and also don’t add me to your contact list and start calling me casually after this tourney unless we’re cool. (lol someone did this once)

11 AM: Arrival
12 PM: Melee teams
1 PM: Melee singles and Tatsunoko vs Capcom
3 PM: Lunch break
4 PM: Brawl teams, Street Fighter IV teams
6 PM: Brawl singles, Street Fighter IV singles
9 PM: Brawl+, other events (crews for Smash if time permits)
Midnight (this time can be extended if needed): Wrap-up

Entry Fees:
$5 venue fee
$5 per event
If you can help out by bringing a TV and a system w/ game (either SF4 or TvC) then you will get your venue fee waived

Prizes will be a 65/25/10 (for 1st/2nd/3rd) split of the entry fee

SF4 Events:

2v2 Rules:
-2/3 rounds
-2/3 games (finals 3/5)
-cannot have the same character twice on same team
-cannot switch character in any of the team tourneys
-every character allowed

Singles rules:
-2/3 rounds
-2/3 games (finals 3/5)
-character switching allowed
-every character allowed

TvC events:

-Ken’s invisibility glitch is banned
-OTG infinites are banned

Note that we’ll only run TvC if we get more than like 4 entrants lol

There’s also Smash events, if you’re interested in those check out the SWF thread

if anyone can bring a 360/sf4 your venue fee will be waived

ill probly come but end up leaving at 5:30, doing a lil bit of melee and sf4. i “might” bring a 360 but a little pointless since ill be leaving early =\

nice, will try to attend.

thats actually not too far from hoodbridge. if i can get a ride ill try to show.

spread the word guys, i really wanna get enough ppl to be able to do sf4 2v2, we’d need at least 5-6 teams to do so

if it does happen, the format will be player A vs player A and player B vs player B, if the games are split the winners play (SBO style basically)

Damn, our date got rolled on. :wonder:

Wow 2v2,singles, and a cheap price? not used to that. lol

Definitely gonna try to make it.

damn tvc tourney and im gonna miss this =(. Lucky’s is the same day :sad:

Hey all,
I’m new to the fighting/tournament scene and play online with a few forum members.

I think this would be a good first time tourney to get my feet wet before SB4, so count me in.

is this really bi-weekly? cuz i will be here every other weekend if thats teh case.

it wont be quite biweekly, as in every 2 weeks without fail, because there are other dates we gotta work around, but expect around 2 per month hopefully.

my bad man, but i really dont expect this tourney to hurt your attendance, its just a small local event, and plus yours is a good 5 hours from here. so yeah my apologies but i dont think it should cause probs for you

2 per month is really good man. I like that alot.

expect me at every single one from now on. :slight_smile:

going to every tourney possible. don’t care if theres an sf4 tourney at an old folks home. I need to level up.

If you guys can work around C3’s date. This would be Perfect.

3 local tourneys a month is godlike. TRF status almost.

lol @ at a old folks home xD

It’s just easier for more to show up at each if they’re not on the same date, as we usually try to support each other. No big shit though. Good luck.

thx man, ill try to avoid conflicting dates in the future and good luck with your event as well

i finalized the schedule everyone, if you are playing SF4 only then you will be fine to show up around 3-4 pm. feel free to come earlier to warm up though, we should have a couple setups going by 11 am.

any questions just ask, if you have questions on the day-of i posted my phone number as well

Is this your house?

I thought it was Store/ Lan-Center/ Rec-Center or something…

yeah, its a house, although that map is slightly wrong. its basically on the intersection of lawrence st + kidd st.

my bro bought a house but its not yet occupied, meaning the whole thing is vacant right now. there wont be any issues with space or anything. the nice thing about it being a house is, theres no time constraints or anything like that.

Nice and I will def be there to support this local tourney with some peeps!

man my fucking stick crapped out on me, guy i bought it from is offering to fix it but it’ll take a week or two. hopefully i can borrow someones stick for my matches