HA! RI! CANE! POLIMAR! - Hurricane Polimar *TvC:UAS Thread*



Notable general changes in UAS

  • Can chain 2C,6C much more frequently in combos now
  • 236A/B/C combos off of 2C and 6C anywhere on the ground into charge back, forward+A [with respect to having 214+A/B/C emblem(s)]
  • Charge back, forward+A (A-version wallbounce punch) can now combo from, respectively, 2C (anywhere on screen) and 6C (in the corner).
  • Can now combo [on a standing opponent] 5C, charge back, forward+B/C without need of Baroque or assist
  • Handou Sandageri (623+attack,attack,214+attack), now allows quick pauses in between successive hits (example: 623A,[slight pause]A,[slight pause],214A)
    +6C has less pushback on hit, allowing for more combo possibilities (example: …charge back, forward+A, dash, 5B (2 hits), 5C, 2C, 6C, 623C,C,214C XX Shinkuu Kakategoma)
  • Can combo 5C,236+2 attacks (level 3 super) without need of Baroque
  • Counter switch-in seems to hit a lot less now
  • During an aerial 623B/C,B/C,214B/C (like during a sj. or aerial rave), Polimar can now Baroque, JC, j.B… Great for the new “higher damage for higher elevation” combo mechanic!
  • Polimar can now combo grounded 623B/C,B/C,214B/C~Baroque, [land] 66, 2A… Midscreen.
  • In the corner, Polimar can combo 6C or 214A/B/C~B overheads into lvl.3 super.
  • In the corner, Polimar can crossup a cornered opponent with 6B.
  • 6B is can cancel into all three of Polimar’s supers, and all of his specials attacks (except for charge back, forward+attack). 6B is also Baroque cancel-able.
  • Polimar can cancel 214+attack XX Any super.
  • Emblem A~214+Attack~Emblem A~214+attack… appears to gain Emblems faster than Emblem B~214+attack~Emblem B~214+attack…
  • Polimar can do j.Shinkuu Kakategoma off of an air dash and kara cancel all of his (air-dashed) jumping normals.
    -If you do a variable combination (with partner alive and 3 meters for supers) with Polimar’s Shinkuu Kakategoma and the grab connects, it does standard damage.
  • “Going into duck stance now has some invincibility frames (Another nice buff, but it will take some time to see people using this effectively)”*
  • “Duck stance wont get pushed away by advance guard”*
  • Can now combo Emblem A to A-version Wall bounce punch.
  • 6C may have some invincibility frames on start-up.

*= from translated partial list of changes revealed by Capcom

Stuff from CGoH that still works

  • In corner, grounded 623B,B,214B~Baroque, [land] 2A… still works
  • Aerial rave… j.B, j.B XX Shinkuu Kakategoma reset still works
  • Grounded 623B,B,214B~Baroque, 66, j.B (into reset grab super, combo grab super, or assist combo)… still works

I’ll do these later


Hum it’s me or because characters fall faster, you cannot air combo to handou sandageri (first two hits only), reset to shinkuu kakategoma on mid-screen like in CGoH ?

EDIT : nervermind, the timing is a bit harder i think, that’s all, and I can pull it only with the C version of handou sandageri


You can my persona combo of choice is
5B,2B,5C,chargeattackB,dash,5B,3C,jBB,jBB, Reset super trick is you have to cancel the last j. B and do the j.BB chain pretty much as fast as possible. Works consistantly just you have to do it much quicker.


As far as a simple combo, I’ve found that this works from pretty much anywhere on the screen with no symbols and only 1 level of super (but you build that super while doing the combo):

(IAD j.C or 2AA) 5B 2B 5C 2C ChargeA Punch -> Dash -> 5B 2B(2nd hit only) 5C 3C j.AABB dj.BB Air super

I was getting about 19k-20k + 12k from the super reset without Baroque, and like 28.5-29k + 12k from super reset with Baroque using 20% red life. If you start with no meter, you get that 1 bar in the middle of the air combo. 2AA starter gives it to you on like the first B of the dj.BB, and I forget where you get it if you do the IAD j.C starter.

My issue with using 623CC is that it does pretty much no damage. Not sure if they changed it from CGOH or not (just started this game on the 26th) but it’s pitiful compared to jump normals. j.AABB dj.BB is a MUCH easier reset and does more damage. I guess it’s good since if you have a symbol then you can get 623C off of something into Kicks, but if you were able to hit confirm into kicks you might as well just do 3C or something else into j.AABB dj.BB. I tried to add 623CC+214C at the end of the dj.BB, but they must have changed the mechanic for how the +214C functions cause I can’t get it to work.

By themselves (no damage scaling from big combos) 236C into 623CC+214C using one symbol does around 7.8k. 3C jAABB djBB does like 12.5k and is stupid easy to reset off of. STUPID EASY. When you double jump, delay yourself for just a brief moment to be sure both of the dj.BB’s connect.

I’m not trying to claim I know anything, cause I don’t. Been playing TWO DAYS. But this combo seems really good, and there’s not really a lot of information here about the UAS version. I’m sure someone here can either add to that or tell me some mistake I’m making with it (maybe certain moves prorate that I’m using too much of?) but I mean, it feels pretty solid to me. No assists, no symbols, and no baroque and you get 31k damage for a braindead easy reset anywhere on the screen with 1 super bar. And hell, you BUILD that 1 super bar while you do the combo.

Oh, and a couple of things to clear up why I did what I did-

5C 2C ChargeA Punch does more damage than just 5C ChargeB Punch because you can’t get a ChargeB off of the 2C, too much start-up. And I wasn’t able to get ChargeB to let me combo afterwards anyway. I probably just suck, but I didn’t even give ChargeB a chance once I noticed it doesn’t cancel from 2C properly.

dj.BB does more damage than the 623CC, and I don’t think you can do 623CC+214C resets anymore, cause 214C spikes them REALLY fast compared to the start-up of the air grab.

I’m gonna post a video (or try to) around like Sunday or Monday or so. Not that this combo is hard enough to warrant you CGOH vets needing help, but I’ve never posted any combos, so it’ll be fun. Because you can do this one with no baroque, no assist, no meter (you build the one bar that you end up using), no duck symbols, AND from anywhere on the screen (if close to the corner, just take out the dash after ChargeA Punch), I think this is pretty useful considering it can do 20k into a 12k reset. Sometimes the reset isn’t 12k if you have done enough damage to activate their Guts, you’ll get like 10k or 9k instead.


From my perspective, I wouldn NEVER dismiss Polimar’s Handou Sandangeri. I think it’s one of Polymar’s most important attacks in combos. Each version of the Handou Sandageri can extend a combo with Baroque (red life shouldn’t be to hard to obtain) and/or a proper assist. I’m actually thinking of making a flowchart of all the possible ways to combo off of each of the Handou Sandangeri series solo w/Baroque and assists.

Sure, if you just want to keep it simple, go for the j.B,j.B XX 360+2 attacks grab super (Shinkuu Kakategoma). However, if the time seems right, I like getting in more hits to build meter and maybe I don’t want to use my bar up on a lvl.1 super until I’ve gained more meter to use for later.

Also, thanks to baroque renewable jumps, Polimar can do (high up in the air) 623C,C,214C~Baroque, JC, j.B…


Hey RoyalFlush, this is Kokoronokawari from youtube who posted on your videos often.

While testing, I found j.a j.a j.b j.b superjump j.b j.b Shunkuu Kakategoma to do more damage than just using j.b into it.

I still have issues finishing Handou Sandangeri on the last hit to use successfully in combos.

It also seems you can’t A -> B -> C -> {the charge punch the wall bounce, forgot name at this moment} -> Polymar Illusion (level 3) in this version anymore. Can time it after C I think but seems really strict.


you can just do his standing C to level 3 now. fairly sure in the jpn version you had to use baroque or assist but now it just combos, its pretty ridiculous.


Can someone please tell me how to get the charge punch to connect after the kicks? I’m trying to help my friend learn polimar and I can’t exactly figure this out. lol


Use the A charge punch; it comes out a little faster.


Keep note of all the changes I’ve added to the list. New stuff keeps popping up!


I’m unable to chain (4)6a to anything other than a 3C into air combo. When i try to dash over i usually whiff…Someone help me out?


It might be good to point out that charge back, forward+A (a.k.a "A-version wallbounce punch) can be combo’ed off of any of the following attacks:
-6C (in the corner, with some semi-strict timing)
-Emblem B

Now, after A-version wallbounce punch hits, 66 (manual dash), 5B… from here, here are some reliable follow-ups:
-5C, 3C to air combo
-5C, 2C, 6C, Handou Sandangeri to combo into aerial 360 super grab, assist combo, and/or corner baroque combo


I have finally found a midscreen combo with Ippatsuman assist (which now aids in pushing the opponent in a certain direction much better now) that works perfectly with Polimar’s different strength varieties of Handou Sandangeri.

(optional [IAD] j.B/j.C),(basic ground stuff until we get to…)2C/6C, 623B,B,214B~BRQ~66 (for IAD) j.B, JC, j.B, JC, j.B, 623A,A(P for Ippatsuman assist)214A, (land, charge back) 5A, 5B, 5C, forward+A (for A version wallbounce punch), 66 (for ground dash) 5B, 5C…

You can end with:
-fully combo’ed, non-reset air combo ending in 623C,C,C XX Shinkuu Kakategoma. My preferred option, especially if your Polimar has a lot of red life during the Baroque portion of the combo. Does around 40K-42K (on 10% red life).
-air combo to grab reset
-(if you have 3 Emblems and lead opponent to corner), 2C, 6C, 236+2 attacks (for level 3). Does around 45K (on 10% red life).

Polimar can also do similar midscreen combos with Doronjo assist.
I will get a video up showing the combo in motion up sometime.


Did not know 5C combos in lvl.3 super. Got to try that out

But enough about combos. What I need help with is strategies. In Training mode, Polimar feels like a beast, but in combat, I can barely get into position to perform all those beastly combos. He has short range on his attacks, and when the opponent spends most of the time airborne, I feel as though I have to wait for then to come down so I can dish out damage. I tend to trade and/or whiff combo attempts when I try to go air-to-air. I do fairly well againist average mid-range characters, but when it comes to Zero, Soki and Tek Blade, I don’t seem to have an answer for them. Any tips on playing a good Polimar?


I tend to play Polimar better than I can explain how to play Polimar, so first, start by watching some of my vids.

Some general strats, I can go into detail later:
-Dashed 2C is godly. Goes under many attacks and has good ground range. Punish attacks with this thing! Learn how to 2C, Handou Sandangeri~BBQ, and you’ll be doing better combos than a common Polimar resets.
-2C/6C and 6B are essential in Polimar’s ground mixup game.
-Polimar’s jumping attacks aren’t the best, but are good for boxing an opponent in a corner. j.A is good as an air-to-air poke, go into combo or reset on hit confirm.
-Best to pair Polimar with an assist that he can work off of. Ippatsuman is my favorite assist for Polimar.
-Work on your defense, especially against Blade and Zero. Pushblock to 2C to combo goodness when you find an opening.


Dayum the Polymar forum doesn’t have much love going on, but good stuff to you RoyalFlush for the informative goodness. Brilliant showcase of your skills in the videos as well. Never seen 2C being so good.


Here’s video proof that Polly’s 6C has invincibility frames in the beginning spin motion: [media=youtube]aTqNrJtgyAk[/media]

Start at 2:03, don’t mind the skill of the Polly player lol. It’s happened to me before but I thought it was an online fluke. Now 6C is more broken lol, Megacrash bait?


This has happened to me as well lol. Tekkaman opponent Megacrashed my 6C and ate the Handou Sandageri into baroque rape. Friend just looked at me and said “Polymar need nerf.”


So I worked out a Polimar combo using a Joe the Condor assist, one meter and baroque that does about 46 Billion. I recorded it for everybody’s benefit.


Good thing about it is you can start it at about 3/4 from the other end of the screen, and it should push them all the way into the corner for the BBQ part of the combo. You can also just straight into 3c launch for less damage if you don’t have any BBQ at the time.

Going to mess with trying to insert baroque earlier in the combo and seeing what kind of damage you get off of a level 3 at the end of the corner combo next.


Thats quite neat! Good stuff