Habiki: K-Groove advice plz

Just got this awesome game (Cap V SNK 2 EO) last week and i just started learning Habiki this afternoon. And wow! im enjoying playing her more than any character ive played in the game so far.

My question is while im struggling along trying to master the JD of K-Groove is it better to use Habikis counter grab against incoming non-low attacks rather than the JD?

Also im having some major ball-ache against high level/skilled P-Groove users any tips for a K-Groover against P-groovers (besides pray?)


you should mix up the counter and the jd, so they dont’ kno what to expect

Counter when you are raged because you can super them off the counter for big damage.

I agree with CapMaster here…
Now Im no pro but to counter P groove mix up some in-close small jump-ins jabs or jump-in, land, throw or jump-in, land, low attack.

But either way you look at it you have to get your just defend down. Thats what makes your jump-ins safe… your ability to just defend when someone wants to counter your jump-ins. You just have to keep a keen eye on your opponent.

This is, in my opinion, sound but please anyone better than me correct me.

Wow! :cool:

If you are raged, counter, run foward, then do the black out super. I use K-Hibiki also and this takes off at least half-life on all chrs. K-Hibiki is good because her roll sucks, so she can jd slow fireballs which can be annoying somethimes for Hibiki. You can dodge fast fireballs with 3 kicks, but it’s better to JD it. Also when they fireball, you can go through it with the hcb+f, lk super. Her running slash super is good anti air also.