Habits from OTHER games that got you killed

A few times in tekken and SF when I was about to die I tried to do faultless defence which made me eat counters and die :stuck_out_tongue:
If I play tekken and VF in the same meeting I press backwards in VF to defend and in tekken I try to defend with LP.
In A3 I get close to the opponent and press fierce punch “o shit I forgot there’s a throw button”

I fucking hate playing 3S and then going onto something else because I’ll try parrying for like 3 matches before I realize I’m being a complete idiot.


Edit ^what he said

From Guilty Gear to Third Strike. Remembering that you have to keep holding back, otherwise you stop blocking. From Third Strike back to Guilty Gear. My thought process gets all messed up.

This has happened to me a few times. Once it cost me two rounds in a SC2 tournament match.

Trying to HyperHop in CVS2 then saying to myself “WTF? This game is Slow as hell!!”


I hate 2D games with throw buttons.

Trying to do hadokens with Akira in VF after playing CVS2…

playing 3s after gg used to mess me up

i’m dying, must use faultless defense… o shi… a throw!? agghhhhhhhhhh!!!

Cvs2 straight to 3rd Strike I get owned pretty baddly for a few matches cos I’ve got N-Groove tactics running in my head. And the throw input differences.

I’ve tried to Guard Impact in Tekken.

Playing CvS2 with N-groove then playing 3rd strike and trying to roll and gaurd cancel XD

I play too much SF alpha’s and CVS2 (A groove). I always hold back when I am jumping, instinctively attempt to use air guard in 3S.

Trying to roll in 3S after playing KOFXI FTL…


Word. This is more than likely the biggest problem I have. For some reason I can go from GGXX to 3S, but from 3S to CvS2? That shit is bananas. I turtle a lot more in CvS2 nowadays due to a lot of 3S play.

trying to roll from cvs2 to 3s and then trying to throw the other way around

I instinctively try to air guard in 3s, or try to parry in the air by pressing back because of EFZ.

I once spent 4-5 matches in in GGXX/ trying to end every chain with a whiffed standing punch and dash through random projectiles thinking that dashes were invincible to projectiles.

Oops. lol doujin fighters.

after playing 3s, i think i can parry ahvb.

cvs2 makes me retarded at everything (game related or otherwise).