Habits you do on a daily basis


what do most people like to do on a daily basis.

i will list off the things i do, everyday:

-use the internet

-pop some adderall and lithium carbonate, then play thps3



-masturbating to rule 34 of angela anaconda while listening to “Window Seat”.




Oh you know. Eat. Poop. :tdown:


I read shitty threads on SRK. Seems like every day.


SRK, Pojo, Duel Network, Hulu, random cartoons/anime, etc.


I personally enjoy watching members with 6 months of tenure suck complete nuts at making troll threads. Thanks for contributing to my hobby.


It’s funny most of these troll threads lately basically have the same structure.


I’ve been told when I eat I give a rhythmic shake of my food when I’m chewing.


Wasn’t there some masturbation thread that everyone wanted back now that the OP brought up the topic?


I usually stroke my beard when I’m thinking. I think that’s what beards are for.