Hack 360 Dance Pad?


I saw a ps1 dance pad pcb and it looked crazy easy to mod. Nice big connectors, and clearly labeled.

Does anyone know if the DDR Dance pad for 360 is as nice?



Wow, that’s the best PCB to hack I’ve ever seen. Now I’m curious…

Also, would the PCB have the bumpers and triggers or not? Are they used for DDR at all?


L1/2 and R1/2 are the bumper/triggers on the PS3, just normal buttons on PSX/2. There’s spots for them whether they’re used or not. I think that’s about the best pcb ever for modding so far. I take it that’s a common ground pad considering the size of the ground point.


Unfortunately DDR pad for 360 only has ABXY/LDRU/Start/Back I think


does anyone know for sure? that pcb makes my mouth drool


Are you talking the pad or the PCB. Because I just went to look at PS pads and none of them were loaded with buttons on the pad either. Just the same buttons you see on the 360 pads.

It’s a question of whether or not the 360 PCB has the (unused) connections and easy layout as well.


PCB is all I care about. =)

Im tempted to go buy one just to see but was hoping someone else already did.


Yea, I know thats what they are, just wondering if a 360 pad has the same unused points. If I was designing a PCB I wouldn’t put in those unused points. And it must be common ground, as there’s only one ground pad, can’t get any more common than that!

If I see a cheap one kicking around somewhere for $10-15, I’ll pick it up and hack it apart.


Well damnit… Now I’m sad to have sold my 360 DDR game and pad for $20 a while back. :mad:


Any idea who made the pad in the OP?


It will not work

I just opened a 360 DDR mat at work in hopes of using the pcb on my SFA stick. Unfortunately it only has buttons X, Y, A, B, Back, & Start and the U, D, L, R directions. This si the one that comes with the game so possibly 3rd party DDR PCB’s would be different.


^^ Thanks for taking one for the team.

Those giant connectors would have been nice.


I’m glad like everyone likes my picture from the other thread. Anyway, Joytech makes the dance pad I found that pad online for $10. Just type into google Joytech dance pad, the dance pad itself is horrible it only lasted me two months.


so that was for ps2 right?

any good dance pad for 360 to hack?