Hack a PS1 Digital to be read as a Dual Shock?

So i have a stick using a PS1 Digital pad and a Pelican adapter, obviously they dont work well together. Then one day i found a nice deal on a PS2 controller extension cable and bought it so i could sit farther from the TV. I accidentally plugged the extension into the Pelican to my digital stick and low and behold it works perfectly. All directions register fine and dont glitch. It even works better than any of my other adapters. I release the ext cable and plug the stick back into the adapter and problems return, ext cable goes back in, problems gone.

I noticed the ext cable have all 9 pins wired, whereas a PS1 Digital only has 7 wires, i believe this has something to do with the glitchy digital controller. Is there a way i can splice or jump some of the PS1 D wires to utilize all 9 pins and be read as a DS?

Well this is cool. I don’t know how to splice it, but this will be very good news for people having trouble getting PS1 digital to work with adapters. It may be a small hassle to always carry around an extension cord, but I think it’d be worth it.

you should post this in the official padhacking thread