.hack//versus: Last CC2 release


I have been grinding away at this game for about a month or so now, learning all of the engine inside and out. I didn’t see any resources for it, so I decided to write the book myself. If anyone out there is playing this and wants to know more, here you go:


My youtube page also has videos for each character, here’s a couple links, you can find the rest of the character on my page there.

Kite: [media=youtube]Nn_zWoyf1dc[/media]
Haseo: [media=youtube]QmQtCVookzA[/media]

So, anyone out there playing this still?


Is very difficult if you consider that the game was a bonus of a movie that was released only in japan from what i can remember :confused:


It’s true, but I’m surprised with it. This game has got a lot going on under the hood. I don’t expect it to ever ge picked up by people,or get localized for that matter. I do hear that JoJo All Star Battle has a chance of being brought over here, so maybe.


I forgot this game exists. It came out and no one cared…


It really is a fantastic 3D fighter once all the mechanics are understood. On the surface it really doesn’t feel very expansive, It definitely feels like a budget add on at first. That’s because it wasn’t designed to be much more. Maybe it isn’t lol, mostly because it’s pretty inaccessible, with import costs and such.