Hacked BP or Fluke?

I was playing a bit of vanilla tonight when I came across this rather “meh” Gouken. It was a pretty free match, which made me surprised to see this:


Has anyone seen this guy around? I’m pretty sure that was my first match with him. This is the PC version, btw.

Maybe he was having an off day, or experimenting with a character he’s not used to? I have seen him around before, but can’t remember if I’ve actually played them or not. AFAIK there aren’t BP hackers in the game.

I’d take a closer look at the top BP leaderboards again if I were you. Lol.

I don’t know this guy, but there did used to be hackers around with 9999 BP. I haven’t seen any in a long time, though. The highest legit player BP I’ve seen was around 5k BP - JadedNoobGamer, a monster Seth player.

For the fun of it, I’ve experimented with BP modify at this very moment.

I’m a low-level Balrog so my legit BP is 2000.

Setting BP to 12345… success!


HOWEVER when I enter GFWL Battle…



It remembered my BP and reverted it back. [S]Interestingly, the “highest BP” counter does not get reset.[/S]

So it’s either I’m missing something or BP hacks are no longer possible.


Side note: From the last time I’ve played that player, he wasn’t too good. Then again, we all start somewhere. I remember my flowchart Ken days… >.>

It’s *possible *he did legitimately reach 6000 BP… but from what I’ve recalled, he’s **not **at that level.

EDIT: I’ve decided to do more testing.

BP hacks are STILL possible. For the sake of not getting banned so quickly, I won’t post how.


I set my BP to 3456. After winning, I got 3457. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, quick match fails to properly match skill level once again. XD

Out of my good intentions, I WILL set my BP back to 2063.

In conclusion: BP hacks are unfortunately still possible. Whether or not your opponent used them is… debatable.

I’m thinking it was a player not used to playing as Gouken. His Blanka is a bit better, but I haven’t seen him in a while, so I haven’t been able to test his skills.

Incidentally, I’ve played you before. I’m certainly no “‘meh’ Gouken”… >:3

I always mix up those two guys. One is called “Sanwa Ninja”, the other is this “Seimitsu Ninja”.
Sanwa Ninja plays a good an proper Fei.
Seimitsu Ninja is a faker. The fist of fu. :smiley:
Just look over here: http://www.rage-quitters.com/details.aspx?rq=-LUTaVYYuEg :wink:

look who i came across

Not bad.
But we can see it optimistically:
There are the idiots that cost 100+ points because of lag or disconnect or sth like that.
And on the other hand there are the ones with hacked bp that give you a lot of points.
So I guess different idiocy annuls each other. :smiley:

Apparently people don’t know how to properly reversal DP… in SF4… lol. I’m @ 3300 BP just by doing rog’s safe jumps. :slight_smile:

Nice catch! I wonder how stupid he must feel to lose w/ that much BP. XD

It’s interesting how the max payout is 128 BP. It’s hard to find the logic behind it but it’s still good to know.

Interesting way to put it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I lose most of my points due to people running SF4 with a slow computer. I hate it when someone goes online when they are playing the game at a fraction of the proper game speed. I just alt+F4 at the expense of losing 100 BP. :frowning:

Yes I’ve played you once and you did use Gouken. You won without even trying, I remember getting pissed off that day. XD

Lol the funny thing is he wasn’t that great of a player either.

You are wrong. Seimitsu Ninja is not Fist of Fu. If you would have read the whole story on rage-quitters. Seimitsu Ninja pissed off Fist of Fu and changed his name comment name from anonymous to Seimitsu Ninja and started
throwing one hell of a tempertantrum. As for his points. He had 5000+ legit. He was a good player. The reason he has so many now is because of LG Optimus 2X. He kept coming into his lobby and Seimitsu kept beating him.
By the way. If you want to know most of Fist of Fu’s names. Here they are.
1.Shaolin Moomin 2.Fist of Fu. 3.Sanwa Ninja 4.Yip Man Fu 5.Wing Chun Fu and now for his new one
6.CharlieSheenFu (no I am not joking. He is that sad)

How do you modify BP? I want to run around with max number all the time!

Thanks for clearing this up. I was getting confused with all those fakers on ragequitters. :wink:

No prob Mr.Miyagi. Everyone was confused. That Fist Of Fu can be a jerk when he loses.