Hacked DLC characters being used online, thoughts?

Stopped by event hubs and saw this. What do you guys think? Should capcom change their plans and release the characters early? I think it’s pretty janky seeing as not only will I have to pay for them but more importantly I will be behind and playing catch up when they are released.

Have any of you guys fought against DLC characters online? How was it?

I haven’t seen any of the DLC characters online yet. I was curious if this was even possible. I figured you’d get banned on your account for sure, that is if Sony and Microsoft are even watching for this stuff.

I’d really like for them to release the DLC characters sooner, but I think it’s more likely they’ll stick to their guns unless this starts running rampant.

I haven’t seen any DLC characters myself but I don’t play ranked much. Tbh, I’ve mostly just played offline so far but I know I’ll end up spending time online. I wonder how MS/sony will deal with it thought.

That’s cool! I hope I run into them!

I haven’t ran into any DLC characters online yet. On the Xbox those players are asking for the ban hammer

i’ve ran into the DLC costumes online but not any new chars

I don’t mind let them use them serves Capcom right for having them locked anyways

Nothing beats how Capcom already has DLC for Resident Evil on stores already before the actual game is released.

DLC on negative day 3…

Fuck Capcom, I’m done with anything new they make.

PSN users can simply make a new username, but XBL users?

59.99 gone down the drain.

Wow that is so fucking stupid that has really pissed me off…

I just don’t understand how people can do this, what kind of person would get the characters for free and then take them online they should be ashamed of them selves.

Some people hey :slight_smile:

Can’t they block the console itself?

I’ll fix that for you.

I am pretty sure if they know how to get a free game and free content they will also be able to get free xbox live.

Dragon Age and Mass Effect 3 did the same shit. I stop giving a fuck. Don’t support day one DLC.

Yes I tottaly agree with you.

These people should be ashamed of them selves (but I bet they don’t even care)

Yeah actually they ban the MAC Address of the console.

fair game if they’re on the disc, be mad at Capcom for that.

wow, I didn’t know that. I play on PS3 but I know friends who play on xbox, that is intense.

Seen a few of them pop up on the peacefuljay streams, but never encountered one myself yet

I’ve ran into at least 4 Blankas on the 360.
They all had no clue on how to use him.