Hacked PS1 PCB only 10 with free postage

Hacked PS1 PCB

Hacked by finkle

8 button hack (4 main buttons, 2 shoulder buttons, start and select)

Button wires have spade connectors, stick connects via 5-pin universal joystick connector

Removed from my fink stick that i bought last november as im upgrading it to wireless 360

Only 10/$20

Payment via paypal

Free postage within the uk
5/$10 postage worldwide

If you want it PM me


pics please ?

Pics to follow tomorrow

still free shipping to the states?

pm sent.

nope, as it says in the OP 5.00 shipping to the states

I’m gonna wait for pics but I’m very interested. My Finkle stick is dreamcast only and I wanna change that.


pcb still available, pm if u want it