Hacked ROM to play new characters with old colors

As much as I like the turbo custom colors I really miss to have the option to play the turbo/new characters with their original colors, specially for ryu, ken, blanka and dictator. The rest of the characters have custom colors close enough to the originals.

There is a not very practical trick you can do to solve that http://combovid.com/?p=1450 (section “selecting original colors”) but I went and modified the rom myself which is pretty straightforward to do with the software palmod. I would like to share the hacked rom with the community but I don’t have any idea how to do it without doing too much illegal stuff. Any ideas are welcome.

In any case, I created two roms: one where you can choose turbo/new characters with the old colors and another one where everyone has the old colors including the characters controlled by the CPU. Speaking of colors, Ryu doesn’t look bad with the Akuma palette :slight_smile:



I’d say just release the modified files, without the rest of the rom they’re useless anyway…

If you have time to kill and willing, I’d suggest go even further and give each character 8 new colors.
That’ll make everything refreshing and fun.
We can even use that for offline tournament with shumpmame and nobody needs to pay for stupid custom costume DLC :win:

^ Oh that would be nice.
MvsC mech gief colors plzzzz



Thanks for the suggestions Born2SPD and papasi!
Having all the colors customized sounds cool. A cool project could be an online custom color editor that generates the file ready to plug it into your ROM.

For now let me post here the two files I generated with palmod. They are both for ssf2xj but if you want I can go ahead and generate the ones for ssf2t too.

  1. pick a new character with an old color:
    Press jab for old color or hold any button for old alternative color. The rest of the colors haven’t been changed

  2. pick a new character with an old color and have the CPU wear the original colors too:
    Press any button to select old color or hold any for old alternative color. When you play against the CPU they will be wearing old colors too. (Caveat: you might end up playing the CPU with the exact same color)

Instructions: Paste and replace the sfxj.04a in your rom zip file with one of the two provided here.

  • After patching the ROM I get the following message when starting the game “The selected game is missing one or more required ROM or CHD images”
    – The solution I found so far if that happens is to start the game from the command line (e.g. “mame64.exe ssf2xj”) instead of using the UI. The message will show anyway but it will let you continue.

PD: Let me know if you have any problem loading the links

I think you mislabeled the two files “for everyone” “for new characters”… you mean original colours for “jab button” / “all buttons” right…?

@Unessential. I think you are right. In the first case any new character you want to choose (N. Ryu, N. Ken, etc) can be picked in its old color form with the jab button. In the second case, you can use any button but that was only made so the CPU had the old colors too.

I edited the labels. I hope they are more understandable now. Thanks for the feedback!

Did you make one for ssf2t? Also, can’t you just have the select button be a color select, instead of taking away the reg jab colors?

If you could make each button held a totally new color that’d be pretty sweet.

Hi Jamie. That’s a good idea but I am just replacing the palettes in the game that are assigned to each button. I am not really sure how I would add the behavior to the game in order to select a color with the select button.

I will make the ssf2t one for you if you want. Remind me again if I don’t post it here this week please.

PALMOD won’t change some of the other sprites for certain character animations. This is part of the reason why some of the “old alt” colors look so similar to the original “old” colors. As an example, check out Dictator’s various flaming punches, and his Psycho Crushers. Just a heads-up.

Jizzon. You are completely right. I did not know, and for what you are saying I guess there’s no easy fix to it. Do you recall other cases where this happens?

I know that for Akuma/Gouki a few of his moves, most noticeably the teleport and win pose where the ten kanji fades in, are mostly static for the same reason. To fix it, you’d have to be able to palette mod the parameters for those sprites as well. They are most likely in the same ROM, but you’d have to dig them up and see what works.

There are also cases of some parts of the head models in the portraits not lining up correctly for certain palettes (Gief comes to mind, but there are more).