Hacking a 360 Headset Jack - Conflicting Information!?!


After reading through (and posting in) several old threads about the xbox 360 headset jack i?m confused. Different posts seem to say different things. Here?s what I want to do:

Add a new jack for a corded headset WITHOUT having the xbox identify the headset as always plugged in (which is the case with using an extension cord). I planned on soldering the jack directly to the pcb as described here:
(posts #8, #9 and #11 describe and CONFIRM this method)

But further down (#21) it says that this method does NOT work unless you desolder the existing jack and use a jack with a switch. The thing is, the earlier posts specifically say desoldering is not necessary.

This thread
also talks about similar things and #37 and #39 says that for the ?direct solder? way to work I still need to desolder the existing jack and even then the ?always plugged in? problem won?t go away (meaning there?s no point in not using an extension cord).

So, to sum up:
Which is it? Do I need to desolder the existing jack? Do I need to use a jack with a switch or is there another way of solving this? Is this even possible? Thanks!


oh… i forgot, i’m using a madcatz fightpad if that changes anything…