Hacking a Mad Catz Xbox360 pad


was wondering if anyone has hacked one of these and has a picture of what the pcb looks like or can tell me how difficult it is in relation to hacking an official microsoft controller.

Works great. Hang on, let me find the pics I posted in the custom stick thread. As far as difficulty, it was exactly the same as wiring a Mad Catz DC pad back in the day.

EDIT: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=5293554&postcount=4750

thanks, doesnt look too bad. do you know what size the headset jack is? looks like 2.5mm or so.

no idea, its simply an extension of the jack on the pad itself. No size change or anything. Although now you’ve given me an idea…

yeah, but where did you get the cable that extends the jack on the controller over to the side of the box?

I have absolutely no idea. It may have come with the Xbox, or perhaps Rock Band. I found it in the box for my 360 when I was looking for the headset. I keep all my console and stick boxes, so it’s possible it came from some random ass purchase. I’m just glad I have it.

I recently hacked one and it was a breeze. I think there are 2 version, the earlier(complex) version and the later(easy) version. The one I did was the later version. Here are a couple shots of the PCB courtesy of Slagcoin’s site.

Early version pcb

Later version pcb