Hacking a Wiimote

I just finished modding a Saturn pad (crazy thanks to the tutorial here) by cutting the cord and wiring it up to a DB-15 cable. It’s a fun little hack, and makes it easy to use your Saturn pad on different systems. I just made a project box with a 360 PCB with a DB-15 connector, and I wanted to fix one up for Wii, too.

Has anyone hacked a Wiimote yet? This article makes it look more or less simple, although I don’t really know how I’m gonna get past those Y-shaped screws yet. Only thing my newbie ass would have a problem with is desoldering and successfully remounting the IR unit. If I didn’t mind the sloppiness, could I just snip it and solder 5 different wires (or can you get a ribbon?) to the contact points and mount the unit outside the project box? I suppose worst comes to worst, I could mount the whole PCB against the wall of the project box and cut a hole for the IR pointer.

The only other problem I can see are possibly all those weird yellow contact points for the Power button and the +/-/Home row. Are they just going to be regular contact points?

I’d also have to figure out some way to retain the battery attachment and Sync button, since it’s wireless, but people have done wireless hacks before, I just haven’t really searched the forums on that part yet.

Am I missing anything? I don’t know why there’s not more Wii hack stuff out there. There was nothing in the first couple pages of my first two forum searches.

Man, those contacts are TINY from what I can see…

The real question is, are you sure you want to do this? With the WiiMote you don’t have many button options, A, B, 1 ad 2, does it make practical sense to hack the pad?

I’ve personally never seen a Wiimote hack, so it’s somewhat interesting, but I think the reason neither of us have seen such a hack anywhere is because of the lack of usefulness.

go with hacking a wii classic controller instead if you want wireless

otherwise grab a cube pad.

A few folks did this when SSB:B came out. It should be pretty each to search for it.

I’ve got a TON of homebrew and Wii Shop games on my system, including a lot of platformers that would work a lot better with the Saturn pad than the Wiimote alone. And can’t I assign the +/- buttons too? And use the Home and Power buttons for Guide and Back?

Part of the reason I want to do this is because I have an extra Wiimote and no Classic controller, too. If I bought a Classic to padhack, I wouldn’t need the Saturn controller.

edit: It also occurs to me that if I hacked a Classic pad, I’d have the Saturn controller plugged into a project box plugged into a Wiimote, which seems like a lot of stuff to have daisy-chained on the couch next to me just to play Super Mario World. Is there a place with good diagrams of the GC controller? I have a broken Wavebird too.

There’s actually very little information on hacking Wiimotes in the forums. The SSB stuff was mostly people talking about getting analog function to work somehow, not anything on actually hacking the pad. (You guys need to check out Wiibrew.org. There’s SO much stuff there that demands a good D-pad controller for the Wii)

This diagram was the most substantial bit of information I could find, and pretty much all I need, since I’m not interested in anything besides the basic digital Wiimote functions and pointer. Can anyone tell me where I’d need to solder to get the Home and Power buttons working? I haven’t cracked my Wiimote yet, and I don’t know what on earth to do with those weird gold pads.

Also, a couple newbie questions:

How do I “Dremel out” those weird Y-shaped screws?

What sort of wire or ribbon do I need to let me desolder and reattach the IR pointer to the outside of the case?

How do I keep the battery pack and sync button after taking apart the controller? I plan on using an old sturdy plastic VHS case, so I can open and shut it to change the battery if need be.

the ‘y’ bit comes standard with the multipack security bitsets. Like the little blue thing you see in the upper right of one of the screens.

I know this, but I don’t want to buy a whole pack of security bits. Can I get some answers to my newbie questions, at least? How do I Dremel them out?

The triwing screwdriver can be bought. Modchipman has it for $9.99, DealExtreme (out of Hong Kong) is cheaper ($0.86) and has free shipping on top of that, but you’ll have to wait 10 days or so to get it.

Well, yes, but I’m not going to buy a tool that I’ll use once and then never again, as opposed to just drilling into the screws.

Although I’d rep you if I could–I’m browsing DealExtreme right now and some of their prices are just nuts. I’ll probably just buy that damn screwdriver if it really is 86 cents with free shipping, plus a 7 dollar DS Revolution.

Phenotype, check your PM. I’d post that information here, but it violates the forum rules.