Hacking in GGPO


Okay, there’s a group of trolls in the 3S lobby led by Justin Bieber aka TehBlargh aka Way2Nasty and Toastedguy. They’ve made it a point to attack me unprovoked and spec my matches with the intent to lag.

Now, one of them was able to use a program to multi-challenge me and force me to accept the matches. I never hit accept or anything. And the game windows popped up, he did this multiple times to force me to crash.

I did not challenge them. I challenged two other people a grand total of 3 times.

Just putting this out there.

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Don’t they supertroll you?

GGPO needs an ignore feature.


I can use the ignore feature, but this program they were using was able to circumvent that.


if they lag you by spectating on and off… when you start the game with someone just close the GGPO client
also come to #ggpo when the trolls are online and report them to Buttermaker for ban


I’ve seen this too.


He just did it again, it was Tehblargh. No question. Toastedguy wasn’t even on. I reported him to Buttermaker. I hope this is his profile: http://ggpo.net/forums/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=272 . Thank you Aquashark. I emailed Ponder too. Anyone who uses GGPO, be careful. Disagreeing with someone is one thing, but using an exploit to cause them to crash is pretty fucking low.

I’ve provided pics to show what happened. Note: I only challenged Cakemaster 2 times, then this happened, and Tehblargh was on and AFK. I informed him that I reported him for his actions.




Apologies for the ghetto nature, but I couldn’t take a pic through Printscreen. When he did this my whole PC froze and I had to restart.


And Toastedguy just confessed to it:



Oh, and FYI I can’t simply use another screen name because the trolls involved are able to see my IP address.

If you think it’s funny that someone uses an exploit to crash your system you must be pretty fucked up.


Use a different name and call your ISP and tell them to change your IP address.


Well a couple of things here: I actually worked for a cable company for over a year, I was a Tier 2 Rep. And the company can’t just give you a new IP address. It doesn’t work that way. The only way you can is by going into the command prompt and release and renew the IP until it gives you a new address. And sometimes that doesn’t work. It’s ficky. The only other way is to unplug the modem overnight and hope that does it.

At any rate, why should I have to do that when these two guys should obviously be banned? And they undoubtedly know what my ping is and approximate location, so what would stop them from speccing, see me use my main, and continue where they left off? Know what I mean?

I’m greatly annoyed that not a single mod has yet to contact me, and I know for a fact that they are reading this. And the trolls find this infinitely amusing. Because this sets a precedent, if they are not disciplined in some way, then obviously they can do whatever they want, Ponder doesn’t give a fuck, and again, what would stop them from doing this to you?


Because the only people who get challenge hacked on GGPO are annoying ass retards like you. Just change your username and stop being such a retarded troll bait. Otherwise, quit whining.


I disagree, this is not trolling, this is a normal complain about trolls, just because you can change or switch to a new user, doesn’t mean that this guy is retarded or the trolls can do whatever they want. please, grow up, to call someone “retarded” or acting like a wiseass doesn’t make you look smart or cool.


Anyone who comes to 3S GGPO will know that this guy is a fucking retard and since you disagree you must not come to the 3S channel much. Either that or you’re even more retarded.


i think you’re the retarded one, you’re not helping and you’re trolling around, i don’t care is you like this guy or not, i not surprised that you called me a retarded too, is the favorite troll’s word lol.

If this guy Louis is a “retarded”, that doesn’t give you the right to troll around the thread.


I dont even play ggpo that often,but if a dude is crying in chat i’d troll him to.
No one wants to hear that shit bro.

Since no one is getting paid for this shit atm it’s no one’s top concern to mod it atm.

Also bro you set off my bullshit alarm saying you worked Tech support at a cable company and you have not just spoofed your Ip,swapped your screen name and moved on.


Says who? You? Get lost.


Spoof IP’s are a pain in the ass. And these two trolls have attacked other people. They just enjoy trolling.

Actually the extent of what I would do in chat is try to get a match going, and if I play someone who was really bad at 3S I’d say ‘well, that guy wasn’t very good or liked to mash’ and that was it. I never continued it, never dwelled on it. So if that calls for someone using an exploit to crash someone’s system, then you must be pretty childish.


GGPO 3S is srs bsnz.

I’ve played Louis. I’ve talked to him in chat a few times.

If he does whine it’s because Blargh, and Toasted troll him to death. I’ve seen the trolling and it’s enough to get frustrated at. They do continually spec lag him, They even talk about doing it and when.

Just report them and hope for the best.




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