Hacking in GGPO


He forgot to add this: [media=youtube]uGt0nDKu0cg[/media]


I don’t play 3s competitively I only do palette hacks for 3s and play it once in a blue moon. My main games are Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure(arc/dc) and vampire savior sometimes karnov’s revenge, breakers, x-men cota, and kof 2002. so i’ll await and see you in those games.

by the way you act is common scrub behavior.


Yes and calling someone a scrub at a game where you are infinitely worse at and have no idea how it plays is better, right?

And my comments were intentionally cheeky so if not being serious and having some sense of humor is considered scrubbish, then I fully admit to being a scrub. Go do something productive with your time dude, stop wasting your time and mine. Go do palette edits for Witch Toucher or some shit. Or better yet a nude edit on the new Clay Fighter.


Stfu scrub.


I love how he said he’s not gonna reply to this thread anymore then replied two more times.


Wow, what a thread.


Top tier wisdom.


louis is at a really advanced level of trolling. he got u all here, got some of ur sympathy, then trolled the ppl on HIS side while the ppl who troll him laugh publically. little do they know louiscipher is gawd and is laughing at them in heaven in front of the angels and babies and puppies. thats why his connection sucks, heaven still uses low grade dsl.
/we’re not worthy


:rofl:. wait what?




If you play Artayes be prepared to block 700 random supers.


I was the first GGPO hacker. I had an unlicensed surgeon in Chinatown hack off those bulky, useless chunks of flesh on the sides of my hands to make them lighter and more aerodynamic, and now I can mash faster than anyone else in the 3rd Strike room.


Ya’ll niggas suck and this shit is just trollbait.
Top candidate for being closed asap.


Can you guess what the top candidate for never closing is?


has toasted been banned from ggpo? I’ve not seen him since a long time which is unusual…


Nah, he was on 2 days ago.


oh ok thanks Womble


Are there any actual hacks for GGPO games? Like shit that isn’t meta?


he plays AE now