Hacking Madcatz Dreampad

Has anyone done this, maybe give me a few pointers on what to do?

I have the old style all white one.

Does anyone know where the grounds go? On the site writeup it mentions it having two grounds but does not tell where they are.

I would really like some information, I have given up on offical DC pads- Gone through 4 of them, only to have a few buttons work and others just on all the time.

If you could post a clear photo of the PCB it may help.

Here is the website with the MadKatz pad hack

The guy lists one ground for the older version which is the one I have, the white one.

But he makes no mention of the second ground.

Well, if you can see the traces connecting, you can chain those together. If you have the original, it says you can use one ground, but I’d test them with a multimeter if you aren’t sure.

With my pad, I had to ground the buttons and the directionals seperately.

did you have the white one or the orange/purple one?