Hacking my C&L SNES pro joystick with Madcatz Arcade Retro Stick - pics + questions







Ok, i’ve cracked open my C&L pro SNES joystick and opened up my Mad Catz 360 Lve Arcade Retro Stick :

now i’ve got to figure out how to do all this…

anyone seen anyone hacking this madcatz controller? Im a bit confused, it looks like im going to have to solder straight onto PCB leads… i have ZERO solder skills :frowning:

anyone in Houston want to make a few bucks? :slight_smile:


whoa! anyway to resize in the img tag or should i resize and reupload to my ftp?


done and done



That’s a straightforward job if you could solder. Post in the Trading Outlet and see if you can find someone willing to solder it up with quick disconnects for you. Then it would just be a matter of plugging it in.


i’d kinda like to do it myself. i thought i’d have to solder into the PCB traces but it looks like you solder into the little circles that are pressed by the ‘buttons’ when you push a button.

so I can do it, i just need to hopefully find a guide/pics from someone who hacked the same 360 stick.

I wish i had an SNES to test this C&L stick…


what kind of stick would have been used in the original SF2 cabinets? I want one like that - no ball and a spinner circle thing at the bottom (i love spinning it while waiting for rounds to start).


test what? youre not using the snes pcb… just the buttons and joystick.

and here http://slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_diagrams/360_diagram2.jpg

youre welcome

hope that helps


I might be able to help you out. =]
Send me a PM if you’re interested.


before doing the work i’d like to test the SNES joystick on an SNES and make sure the buttons and stick actually work… i bought it at a flea market over 8 years ago and its sat in my garage since


But considering you already have opened up your madcatz stick, you might as well solder the wires and get through that bit first.

So if your snes stick doesn’t work later, you’re using QDs anyway.


QDs ???


quick disconnects

check this post out