Hacking official 360 pad RT + LT

Hi. I am trying to hack a 360 pad to fit inside my Sanwa modded Dc stick to use on Street fighter 2 anniversary now that its supported on the 360. One problem, though. I have tried hacking the digital shouder buttons (LB + RB) but sf-ae wont recognise them, its seems that it only supports the analog TL+TR shoulders. I was wondering which of the 3 pins i need solder to on the pot to get a digtal input off them? Has anyone else had this problem hacking a 360 pad to a stick to work on the 360 sf-ae?

Thanks, Mark

you need to remove the triggers and add 10k Resistors to make them work like digital buttons.

check here, here… and here

Thanks a ton for the link, dude. This guide is amazing.

Here’s what I’m looking at: Wired Controller Button / Trigger Solder Points, Arcade Stick

Just to clarify… your pushbutton is connected from RT1 to RT2, and the resistor is connected from RT1 to RT3? (You’ll have two things connected to the RT1 spot?)

The resistor connects LT1 to LT3 or RT1 to RT3… your button wire is then soldered onto the resistor connect wire between the (1) point and the resistor itself. Thats how I did it.

So, acording to this http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f320/RDCXBG/SFAC%20Mod/44.jpg

The wire is going from the resistor and the other to the LT2 point?

sorted! like an idiot i removed the pots for the alalog flippers meaning they were always on. So i put them back on and wired to the digital triggers and it works fine now with all 6 inputs.

Thanks for your help, Mark

Hori Arcade Stick EX2

Has anyone took this arcade stick (Hori Arcade Stick EX2) and put it in a MAS Stick type case? If so is it possible to do without soldering?


This aplies to every controller that is around or it just works with the MS official?

To Dai: "This aplies to every controller that is around or it just works with the MS official?"
It applies to the madcatz Microcon too.

To Spitfire. “Has anyone took this arcade stick (Hori Arcade Stick EX2) and put it in a MAS Stick type case? If so is it possible to do without soldering?”
** You will have to to a little desoldering. So a soldering Iron would be required.**

OK, and you know if works with the “Gamestop brand controller Model #: BB-070” ? IS this one http://joystickvault.com/data/507/medium/BB-070_wiring_diagram_front.JPG
I don’t see why not, but i’d beter ask first.

Thanks to Hellfromavobe for those pics :wgrin:

Have not tried it yet, my guess is yes.

Its like this:


Exactly as i tought. Thanks!!!

I’m trying to do this for the triggers on a madcatz arcade pcb, and saw another one of Fallback’s posts.
Would I need to wire up the resistors that are connected to R2 as well? If so, what size do they need to be?

What was the problem hacking the bumpers? I test all my sticks with SFII Anniversary on the 360 and I haven’t had a problem using the bumpers. BC games see the bumpers as the black and white buttons.

I was just going to say that I had spoken to Ed about this and he stated that the bumpers work.

I’m a bit confused as to why some many people are getting differing results.

It would be pretty dumb for Microsoft to leave out the bumpers on BC games. So every BC game that uses that black and white button doesn’t work right?

The bumpers replaced the black and white buttons.

I can also confirm that the bumpers work perfectly in AE.

I haven’t had any problems yet… I just wanted to make sure I knew what to do before I started. I saw the aforementioned post and felt I had to ask around.

So your sticks’ triggers work great on the 360 with just a 10k resistor between R1 and r3, right?

Thanks for everyone’s input.

I don’t use the triggers at all. I completely remove the pots from the board.