Hacking official 360 pad RT + LT

Ok, so in the photo, what is connected to the other end of the wire at R2(the topmost wire)? Does that connect to the button, along with the R1+R3+resistor?

Do exactly as it shows in the picture and connect both wires to the one button.

Ok, finally modded my stick… Madcatz arcade pcb. Connected the LT and RT triggers as shown above. When pressing either trigger, the pcb fires LT, RT, left and down. When pressing either LB or RB, both LB and RB fire. Everything else works fine. What gives?

The Madcatz PCB’s must be wired differently (or you did something wrong). That picture is for the official 360 PCB.

You might have to do some searching how the Madcatz controllers are wired - I’m not familiar with them, sorry :shake:

Yeah, I know it’s a different PCB than the one shown. Did a whole lot of searching regarding the Triggers on this PCB and came up with very little. I heard around that it might work, and that the madcatz arcade pcb was good because it has a common ground. Was this a sacrifice for the greater good perhaps? Am I screwed with this PCB? Anyone else have the symptoms mentioned in my last post?

Thanks in advance… seems my efforts only bring up more questions and a shoddy stick!

Here is a couple of pictures on how I wired the Madcatz Arcade Gamestick trigger button.


Left Trigger


Right Trigger

Hope this helps.

Very interesting. That wiring is counter to how the standard controller PCB triggers are wired.

Are you connecting the bottom of the three solder points (the one south of the point connected to the resistor) to the button as well?

The bottom (or south) point I never connected them… those are common ground. You can tap those if you want to wire up the ground.

Would anyone mind taking a photo with rulers around the controller board for a WIRELESS 360 pad? So I can get exact measurements of its length and width? In inches please.

Thanks bro, you cleared up a lot. I’ll change this later tonight.

Just curious, did you wire up the LB and RB buttons? I wired them up normally because they’re not analog buttons, but they seem to fire both at the same time.

Yeah, I wired up the LB and RB as well… they are both digital, so those should be fine. Here is a picture on how I wired up mines.


As for the buttons firing at the same time, double check to make sure there is no loose wires or solder bridges.


Anyone selling arcade sticks for 360?

Turns out they were firing wrong because I soldered the wrong trigger buttons on the psx pad on the dual pcb setup. I ended up having 2 L2 buttons, instead of L1 and L2. In any case, works perfectly now. Mad props to you bro cuz I wouldn’t have figured it out without your help.

Bump for a request - would anyone have any pics on what holes to solder with the common ground Madcatz gamepad? I only see pics for the arcade stick, dunno if that’d be the same.

I take it you are referring to the L & R triggers?

I don’t have a picture, but I can tell you easily how to do it. Find which one is ground (by using a multimeter set to continuity), I’m pretty sure it’s the point closest to the edge of the board. Simply solder the resistor between the other two points. Solder one wire to the middle point and ground the push button as you would any of the other buttons.

what value resistor did you use? And does this value work with every xbox controller there is or are they all diferent

I used 4.7K 1/4 watt resistors. Here’s a link by Toodles explaining things also.

Other controllers may use different value resistors. I think I used 10K on the official pads, can’t remember exactly, it was a while ago.

If you don’t have 4.7K, I’m pretty sure anything up to 10K would do fine.

I’m aware how to do it, I just don’t know which holes on the Madcatz pad to solder, or even where on the PCB they are. All the the links and pictures in this thread are for the official Microsoft pads or the Madcatz arcade stick.


I’ve seen the pic on that site for the controller, but it leaves the potentiometer on and doesn’t help with knowing where to solder if you remove them. I’d like to remove the pot.