Hacking the ST rom

Thanks to felineki’s old research on how hitboxes and frame data is stored in the SF2:HF rom (and some stuff i figured by myself) I was able to do some minor hacks to the ST rom, since the format is pretty much the same, but located at different addresses in the rom. I mainly messed with Zangief and Dictator, I changed hitboxes of some moves and changed the startup of others, just for fun. For instance, i gave Zangief his Crouching Fierce from HDR and Dic his devil reverse from HDR. Both working exactly like they are in HDR.

I am able to edit any hitbox and edit most stuff related to frame data, excluding certain stuff like by how much frames Honda travels the screen during his headbutt, for example. I dont have 100% control over the animation data though, for example: if a move has 2 animation frames for startup, both with 3 frames of duration (total of 6 frames of startup), i am not able to make that move have a 1 frame of startup, because that would need me to “delete” an animation frame, which i have no idea how to do, at least for now. The fastest i could make that move is 2 frames of startup, by giving each part 1 frame of duration. I do everything in a hex editor. I am not able to change the damage and stun data yet but i think these will not be hard to discover.

I wont post a download of my hack right now because I dont think its a good idea, its too unfinished and i dont think its a good idea to have several versions of hacked ST on the internet. OSBR is the only one who i sent the hack and he was impressed by it and said that i should post about it here so i am now doing it, almost a month later, cuz i have been real busy.
Here’s a video as a proof and to show some of the stuff i changed in action (read the description for the list of changes showed):

I was planning to just give up on the idea of hacking ST because something really pissed me off: when i finally found the location of the throwboxes in the rom, i went ahead and buffed Zangief’s Range on his super, which IMO is too bad in ST and should have RH Suplex range. And I was successful in it (as shown in the video), but later i noticed that both Zangief’s Super and Sim’s Noogie uses the same throwbox… So this means no buffed Super for gief. I’m 100% sure that this is actually a mistake from the programmer. Thanks capcom. In that case i believe i would need to hack the actual code, and i have no idea how to do it. I may discover how to do it, but messing with mame debugger is real boring and im also very lazy for that kind of stuff…

Anyway, I am creating this topic to know if the community is interested in a hack for ST. If people is not interested in it at all then i will just give up on the idea and will not release anything. I dont want to damage the ST revival, if thats actually possible. I dont plan to work on something retarded like a ST rainbow edition though. Only a rebalance hack would be worth IMO. Not saying that a hack would replace original ST, that obviously will never happen and i actually dont want to see something like that happening. ST is immortal. But if the majority of people think its fine then we can do something cool, we (community) can attempt to rebalance this game. I will not be a “Sirlin 2” and dictate what should be done and what shouldnt. I can even do a little tutorial on how to hack ST so i have no control over it. But this will only happen if people here say its not a bad idea.

So… what you people think about this? Should we do this or better not?

I dig it.

I wish Dictator had that devil reverse and a better jabs in ST, thats my wet dream every night…

Lay - zer

would be neat to have a few little things fixed like have honda’s super hit properly more frequently or let ken and sagat reversal super.

wow a wild [S]mexican[/S] Brazilian sirlin appeared

just fix claw, boxer k thx bye


Hell yes! What can I do to help? (PM if necessary)

You already have hdr…
I would be interested in a wacky st mod.

Also, links to info on how to do this? I have a friend who wants to do hyper fighting. I wonder how similar the alpha games are as well, I would love to change some things about alpha 2/3.

Also top players feel that st is perfect, right?

I don’t think ST is perfect neither is HDR.

You just have to pick the less of the 2 evils (whatever that is).

Interesting project BTW

Interested to see if this goes anywhere.

What changes could most people agree with for a test run? Reversal supers for Sim, Ken, and Ngat? Devils reverse from HDR? If someone does this I think buffing is the way to go so no one’s character gets nerfed. No input changes. What about any hit of mp or hp dp for Ken knocking down? Fixing Honda’s super? I feel like there are a lot of little things that could be changed.

This couldn’t ever replace ST, but it might be something fun to screw around with. First thing that comes to my mind is giving Guile his CPS1 low forward

Wait, wait, wait, u guys sounds like kids when ask Santa a shit ton of presents, changing anything would be bad, the only thing that would happen is comunity would split (again)

Anyways, if u guys want changes, I strongly suggest 1 change per character LIMIT, so thing shouldnt get out of hand.

Also, if I wanted to balance Cammy, I would just give her a faster diagonal Jump ( a copy of Vega’s arch and jump speed)

but think about it, changing ST would be sacrilege…

Yeah, great stuff. Why not doing sort of a revenge for low tiers. Buff Cammy, Fei, Gief and O blanka to a godmode point, and put max startup possible everywhere on Boxer, Chun and Claw :stuck_out_tongue:

Why go through all that effort when you can just get rid of the damn supers?

A fun little rom hack is not going to split the community.

To the OP: I say go for it, it sounds like it’d be fun. Don’t let others deter you from it. :slight_smile:

Also, I doubt anyone that would play this (who would hear about it besides those who already love ST) would treat this as a serious alternative to ST. This would just be for funsies


Change 1) Remove all supers
Change 2) Take away O.Gat’s cancellable on 2nd hit st.short and st.forward
Change 3) Nerf Claw
Change 4) Bring back CPS1 throw, hit, and block stun sounds.
Change 5) Slightly buff Cammy, Fei, Blanka
Change 6) Add hurt box on Sim after his super starts up.
Change 7) Give Sim (and I think Ken?) the ability to reversal super.
Change 8) Reduce throw damage from Chun’s MP throw

I like what you’ve done “SO” far. I have a feeling this is not gonna end well.

I agree with you cutwest, i do think this will not end well haha. I just couldn’t resist to show this to everyone. Now everyone knows that ST is very hackable…

Anyway, guys, my hacking skills are limited, i have no idea how to allow Gat, Ken and Sim to be able to reversal Super. I also cant change input for specials, that kind of stuff needs to be hacked in the actual code. Maybe if i use the phoenix version which i believe uses uncripted code then i can maybe patch it, but it will be hard to find where the errors are, debugging stuff is a very tedious thing to do. I was hacking other part of the rom, which only has the frame and hitbox data. Unless someone else knows how to do that kind of stuff then i guess it will not be possible or just too hard… I do think that i can fix Honda’s Super to hit everytime though, just by messing with hitboxes and frame data.
I cant remove all supers, and that would be the wrong way to do it, some supers are very easy to fix actually, example: for rog’s super i can easily make it have more startup (nerf) and make the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hits faster (buff, impossible to reversal between hits), wouldn’t that be perfectly fine? I can make it unsafe on block too, but i dont think thats the right thing to do.
One change limit per character? Why change it then? One change per character is not enough at all.
The right way to do this would be to nerf the top tiers, buff the low tiers, and keep the mid tiers without changing much. You cant have the Sirlin mentality to “keep the top tiers still top tiers” or unchanged. They are the main balance problem and you want to keep them unchanged?? Can you imagine how much buffs Cammy would need to receive to be able to have at least a 4-6 match against O.Gat? In consequence she would destroy a lot of other characters… I say the same for N.Gat vs Sim.