Hacking the ST rom


I like what you’ve done “SO” far. I have a feeling this is not gonna end well.


I agree with you cutwest, i do think this will not end well haha. I just couldn’t resist to show this to everyone. Now everyone knows that ST is very hackable…

Anyway, guys, my hacking skills are limited, i have no idea how to allow Gat, Ken and Sim to be able to reversal Super. I also cant change input for specials, that kind of stuff needs to be hacked in the actual code. Maybe if i use the phoenix version which i believe uses uncripted code then i can maybe patch it, but it will be hard to find where the errors are, debugging stuff is a very tedious thing to do. I was hacking other part of the rom, which only has the frame and hitbox data. Unless someone else knows how to do that kind of stuff then i guess it will not be possible or just too hard… I do think that i can fix Honda’s Super to hit everytime though, just by messing with hitboxes and frame data.
I cant remove all supers, and that would be the wrong way to do it, some supers are very easy to fix actually, example: for rog’s super i can easily make it have more startup (nerf) and make the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hits faster (buff, impossible to reversal between hits), wouldn’t that be perfectly fine? I can make it unsafe on block too, but i dont think thats the right thing to do.
One change limit per character? Why change it then? One change per character is not enough at all.
The right way to do this would be to nerf the top tiers, buff the low tiers, and keep the mid tiers without changing much. You cant have the Sirlin mentality to “keep the top tiers still top tiers” or unchanged. They are the main balance problem and you want to keep them unchanged?? Can you imagine how much buffs Cammy would need to receive to be able to have at least a 4-6 match against O.Gat? In consequence she would destroy a lot of other characters… I say the same for N.Gat vs Sim.



This times 9000.

I could go on about other stuff but this one in particular, even after all these years is still the number one issue.

Supers are stupid nerd ejaculations.



Why don’t just play HF or SSF2 instead? Then you can play o.gat and o.ken all day long.

At first it seemed like a good idea, but i’m not so sure now…



Hey, I love my nerdjaculations. Leave them be =p

blowing a fb -> super -> upkicks on a lariating gief is the best feeling ever.

[S]I totally see where you’re coming from though[/S]


Give old characters throw techs?

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ugh, old gat being able to tech throw…


Well, it’s just a fun project. I don’t think anyone’s going to see this as the next patch to ST that will be played at tourneys…unless it’s just for side tourneys.

I think a lot of people like the new tools that some characters received (i.e. Ryu) and want to be able to utilize them. It’d be pretty awesome to play a version of ST where there are no supers, and everyone can tech throws. It makes it so that throws aren’t as powerful as they used to be in CPS1, while making it so that nobody has a comeback super to rely on. It’d be fun.

Just nerf his st.short cancels and give him N.Sagat’s fireball. That’d be pretty fair without neutering the shit out of him.


Ok, ill change that, let o fei be able to tech throws.


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Cammy just needs 1 buff, just give her the same diagonal jump as Vega( the claw) has, the issue about Cammy is she is literally floating when jumps in, so Sagat can deep uppercut her every time, or sweep her from very far.


For the trained eye, something about this picture tells me its photoshoped…



Oh, that’s just the best idea ever. Bring back those CPS1 mofos sounds, touch nothing else, and you’ll got the best game ever…


Maybe also give ST the CPS1 portraits.

I think this could honestly be fun, and again, no one will look at this to replace ST


It would be awesome if there was a way to develop a broad dip switch menu.

4 options for throws: default is as in st (old characters can’t tech; new characters can tech all), hyper/ae style (old/classic throws can’t be teched; new characters can tech only new character throws), all throws techable, no throws techable

Announcer style (CPS1/CPS2)

Language audio options (mostly for Cammy and DeeJay)

CPS1 hit/block/throw sounds

Kara cancel for faster special move recoveries on/off

Supers on/off

Wall bounce on/off

And so on.

There have been scores of ideas pitched over in the HDR forum. Not that all of them are gold, but many are just basic hitbox changes, and make a lot of sense.

EDIT: Pasky posted much more information about specifics that would probably help in his HUD thread.


Have you guys seen those horror movies where scienists create genetically modified birds/worms/ corpses/ gerbils/ or whatever. Only to have them escape and fuck the living shit out of the surrounding community… Just saying.

IMVHO, you all need to tread lightly, if you want to save what’s left of ST.


Good idea, except don’t use Guile’s WW portrait. He looked like has a botched nose job in that one. CE/HF Guile portrait is best. But everyone else, yes, use the CE/HF faces.

I think it’s just for fun. I don’t think anybody is seriously going to adopt this as the future of ST. It’s basically our ideas of what ST Rainbow-Edition would look like…or born2spd edition, or whatever.


lol fatboy, I hear you. So long as there are people who play ST like we are now, there’s nothing to worry about.


Can you give rog the ability to do tap through fbs like hf…i think that would be sick