Hacking the ST rom


Have you guys seen those horror movies where scienists create genetically modified birds/worms/ corpses/ gerbils/ or whatever. Only to have them escape and fuck the living shit out of the surrounding community… Just saying.

IMVHO, you all need to tread lightly, if you want to save what’s left of ST.


Good idea, except don’t use Guile’s WW portrait. He looked like has a botched nose job in that one. CE/HF Guile portrait is best. But everyone else, yes, use the CE/HF faces.

I think it’s just for fun. I don’t think anybody is seriously going to adopt this as the future of ST. It’s basically our ideas of what ST Rainbow-Edition would look like…or born2spd edition, or whatever.


lol fatboy, I hear you. So long as there are people who play ST like we are now, there’s nothing to worry about.


Can you give rog the ability to do tap through fbs like hf…i think that would be sick


I would enjoy to play ST even if I was 80 yrs old, hopefully most of us can make it until that age


About ur video, I realized the main issue about Gief’s kick lariat, his last frame is totally vulnerable, removing it would make both attacks whiff, then Zangief could quickly punish( my best choice, st mp, st lk, sweep) either that or honda winning with a grab, leaving the situation 50/50, IMO keeping it fair.
Last frame of kick lariat is:

huge middle body blue box

With punch lariat losing to heabutt is cuz honda hits the knee ( [S]arrow[/S] headbutt to the knee), unlike to kick lariat having a smaller blue box in the lower body, so by simply making punch lariat lower blue box the same to kick lariat, Gief would be able to beat headbutts clean.

If u remove the last frame of vulnerabilty it would be bad for shotos cuz Zangief could spam kick lariats even more with minimal punishment. either way Gief would move up in tiers but nothing overpowered, n about his HHS u can always can sweep those.

The only 2 changes I could think of Gief is 1 of the previously mentioned, and giving -2 frames of recovery on his banishing flat, nothing insane as the -4 frames of HDR, quoted from Sirlin:
Green Hand with Less Recovery

  • Green hand now has 4 frames less recovery. Earlier development versions had even less recovery, but they proved disastrous…*


How about O.Rog gets that instead?


That’s really cool if you are getting stuff like this to work, Born2SPD! Democratizing remixing ability? I wouldn’t worry too much about it splitting the community like HDR- HDR had a big professional promotional campaign for the top consoles, and EVO political support (and, you know, that whole “legal” thing going for it). And with no online, who would play anyone’s remix over the original, outside of messing around, or maybe to test hypotheses of how effective some moves are over others? Or, put another way: Who actually thinks anyone would prefer their own particular remix over anyone else’s? Anyway, while I personally prefer original, I’d respect your dedication and curious to see what you find out about the game under the hood.



Could we make it so if sim presses a button blue boxes appear all over the place.

That’d be pretty balanced.

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There isn’t much they can do still. The main issue is lariats slightly shrink his legs hurboxes. Trying to punish eventual kick lariats with mid attacks (Ryu’s Hadou and Ken’s st.RH) is extremely risky, that is, not worth it. I believe the shotos are nicely balanced (but Ken’s crazy kicks, I’m now convinced they are an issue since both Aniken and Mattsun often get them when they do not want them), changing them could potencially screw all low tiers. BTW: N.Ken’s Jab SRK already beats all specials, but Vega’s flip kicks and Rog’s Bufallo Headbutts. I am also convinced Sirlin’s view of O.Ken’s Jab SRK being too spammable is not well justified. I still believe Rog’s headbutts have no business beating all SRK-like moves and Flask kicks.


Afro, that would be pretty easy to do, but as jizzon said, N.Rog should not have it, it will be too good… maybe for O.Rog…
Bastard, you’re mistaken: Honda’s Headbutt hits Zangief’s Head hurtbox, not his foot one. In my hack i moved the head hitbox exactly 1 pixel upward, and as you can see in the video it beats Honda’s HB cleanly. I dont understand why you think this would not be fair? Honda is a trash matchup, you should know this better than most people here. If you spam lariat Honda can just use his huge range command sweep… Anyway, if people really thinks that change is unfair i can just remove it, no stress… but imo that would be a mistake.
XPSR, it will be possible to play this online in ggpo, remember that folks are playing 3s in the karnovs room? the same can be done with any fba game i believe.
OSBR, i just checked that right now and its actually the opposite, Zangief’s foot hurtbox is actually projected 2 pixels forward. Also, Ken’s RH can’t hit Kick lariat at all, only the Punch one. EDIT: unless you’re talking about the last recovery frame.

About an hack replacing original ST: I always knew that would not happen, i just wanted to make it clear in the first post so ppl can understand that i dont have sirlin tendencies. If i will really do this, it will be just for fun. But since i’m a perfectionist person, i dont really want to just create a big mess. Even if my hack is straight better than ST and a fair amount of people plays it, i will not choose to main it over ST. I just wanted to make that clear.


Lol people suggesting graphic and sound hacking. He isn’t any where near the places to edit those things.
Roms 1 and 2 Sound Driver(Z80) this includes the music.
Roms 11 and 12 are the sounds.
anything past 12 is the graphics.
Plus the regular cps1 uses Kabuki instead of Q-sound so you have to figure out that driver too.


I think Hawk needs a more invincible DP for a longer time. Make it so that it beats everything and give all the old hit boxes to N hawk. And if you can fix the DP glitch so that hawk can control his reversal DP strength, that would help out in some matches. That should balance him out.


I have a lot of ideas for Blanka, but they require heavy modifications (HF Vertical ball for example) so I don’t know if that would be possible.

Some of the changes I want for Honda can be tricky too, but I’ll mention them anyways

  • O.Honda normals: standing HP, cr.HP, standing LK and MK, cr.MP
  • Can steer LP hands like O.Honda
  • HK buttslam has HF like trajectory, to serve as a Boxer Buffalo Headbutt way to fight projectiles
  • Extra priority on neutral jumping Fierce so it can beat/trade with stuff like Chun’s j.MK or DeeJay’s j.HK
  • Find a way to make all hits of super connect, lol.
  • HDR like priority on j.LK
  • Remove stored Oicho
  • Oicho always crosses up against a cornered opponent. This way another tick is possible, but after that the situation is reset
  • Remove stored super
  • Super damage reduced to 30%
  • Less priority on HHS
  • Jab headbutt has O.Honda startup

As for Hawk, I think N.Hawk with O.Hawk’s normals and a faster sweep would make him very strong, and that should be easy to implement. Touching anything else (besides the glitch) would probably be very dangerous lol.


Does moving zangief’s head hitbox up one pixel make it a worse anti air?


CWheezy: Not at all.

Cronopio: My idea for a balanced Hawk is very similar to yours. N.Hawk with the better normals from O.Hawk, as well as the better DPs. But then there would be no point in playing O.Hawk. I like the idea of balancing all n chars AND make the O.chars interesting to use. We can buff chars like O.Cammy, O.DJ, O.Blanka with some completelly new stuff just to make then interesting.

Anyway, some of the stuff you mentioned i know how to change, and others i dont. Anything that doesnt involves the quantity of frames some hitboxes are displayed or the actual hitboxes will not be possible, at least for now.


For Zangief, how about just adjusting the hurtbox at his head on the punch version? He’d have to commit somewhat that way, so if you could bait him into doing it, you could still, say, walk up and hit him with Honda’s long-range sweep. The other HDR properties each one had would be fine too.

For Hawk, first and foremost, get rid of the reversal bug. Eventually, if everyone figures how to reverse-engineer his throw whiff, we could have a version with that, but better, higher damage normals, slightly improved Rising Hawks, and two dives (along with throw tech and super).

“Old” Hawk could keep the smaller hurtbox and have a few very minor tweaks, but since he’d still have his amazing installs and tick setups, he’s not exactly hurting for throw techs, a super, or much of anything else. Once much of the rest of the cast at the top gets backed off (Sagat’s Tiger Shots, Claw’s Dive, etc), he could still beast.

“New” Hawk would have more varied and powerful options, but he wouldn’t have that safe option select everyone loves. Would give you a reason to choose between them, at least. If anyone’s seriously against this (as nothing satisfies everyone), I have a pretty in-depth list I’ve been polishing for going on four years, including specifics for changes that could be adapted across the different versions.


Give n.Fei all cancelable normals o.Fei has.


That would be a bit much for a Fei with comboable Chicken Wings, don’t you think?


Yeah, maybe, but since this hack is not meant to be serious, I mean, it won’t replace original ST in any way, I think it would be nice to have a Fei being able to cancel almost any normal while having chicken wing and super at his disposal. In ST my main is o.Fei, mainly for all the cancelables he has (ton of links that end in Rekkas), adding super, chicken and throw softening is my idea of a perfect Fei.