Hacking the ST rom


I would like to thank Felineki and Jedpossum for finding such unused content hidden in ST Rom. BTW, I’m the one made the TCRF page about this game because I had a permission from Rage Quitter 87. Now let’s back to my topic, is anybody got access to Tournament Battle Mode? Because ST used to have a sequel to TB called “League Battle” the graphics about this unrealized game were inside the ROM itself complete with Japanese text explaining the rules of the “League Battle” mode and this was the only time we see the “TURBO” font from the game’s title screen to be used during the game.

Tournament battle is real buggy in ST especially that all the network checks always pass when they shouldn’t so the game will semi-lock up after a check looking for data from another board.

As for League battle I see nothing pointing to those graphics when I edited the title screen. So they’re either completely unused or located some where else far from the title screen graphics.

Also If you start working on a TCRF page for Hyper Street Fighter 2 most of graphics from the old games are in the roms Stages, Character Select, Versus screens.

I know I am suuuper late to the party but I had no idea that pugsy’s mame cheat for ST lets you select initial stage, select old colors for new characters and viceversa, change special input motions, etc

I wish I had the talent to make Zangief do the ending Russian dance every time he wins by time over =p

Patch for SSF2XJ set

Put roms 3 and 4 of ssf2xj in the same folder as the exe and run the exe

Now I need some hardware expert that explains to me how to rewrite the eeproms of my b-board with these modified ROMs :slight_smile:

I have a request for SSF2T rom set.
1: Being able to select original outfit collars from SSF2.
2: Make games difficulty adjustable so its not just on extremely hard regardless of the setting used.
3: Free Play.

  1. That would neat.
  2. You already can. Go into the test menu. CPU is pretty easy to beat on the lowest setting.
  3. Only available on JP board. That, or get it phoenixed.

I suggest before we target changes colors, we focus on core technical changes like selectable CPU opponent (right now you are stuck with whatever random character you fight first) and possibly stage select (as I’ve heard there are a few stages that actually affect game speed).

There’s a version of “Clean” ROMs with free play on JP region. If you are not familiar with “Clean” ROMs they are an alternative to Phoenix ROMs. They revive dead boards, but are “clean” because they don’t have all the extra features that Razoola put in (region change, jukebox, etc.). Official site here:



I stand no chance on easy setting and im an experienced SF player. I can maby get to the 2nd or 3rd fight and i will be dead. Changing the difficulty makes no diffrens.
I know that SSF2X is easyer but i dont want JAP text and im accustomed to diktator name as M.Bison and so on. Thats why i would love a proper version of SSF2T.
Prehaps it would be easyer to hack SSF2X and translate every thing from SSF2T? Then all im missing would be original collars :slight_smile:
BTW im using MAME.

PS: not sure what you mean about: 1. That would beat?

I think a lot of it is learning how to abuse AI glitches. Like being able to spam spin kick with Ryu and beat Deejay for free, or constantly doing jb.roundhouse to beat Zangief.

The first point was an error. I’ve had a weird problem lately where I tend to combine or omit certain words together and type out weird sentences. It’s annoying.

Sux being robot :frowning:

Here is my to do list in priority. And they’re not on the same level either.

High (Won’t be another release until fixed one of these is fixed)
KO Slow Down Removed(On everything)
Fix Throws to behave properly at low health (No standing)

Player 2 character is the stage*

Select AI*
Any Debug features(If I find them, might have to remove sprites either background to prevent flickering and more slowdown)*

Really Low
Remove timer graphics
Allows Supers to be done any time
Add Free Play on non-phoenixed sets

  • If it requires 10th rom won’t bother with it for awhile. When I’ll attempt a more proper training mode.

I love you jed.

Freeplay only on US board.

Also thanks jed, doing great work.

Slow down fix would make it very usable for training!
Thanks for the Amazing hack

If anyone is interested, I’ve published the first post of a series that will explain how to debug the Super Street Fighter II Turbo ROM in MAME. The first post explains how to create a “change difficulty” cheat: http://pof.eslack.org/2014/03/25/hacking-super-street-fighter-ii-turbo-part-1/

Nice, You could of looked at or talked about the memory map of the cps2 to help decide what needed to be changed instead of guessing.

0x000000 - 0x3FFFFF Main Program

0x400000 - 0x40000A - Encryption(aka the battery memory on pheonixed roms it's 0xFFFFF0 - 0xFFFFFA)

0x618000 - 0x619FFF Shared ram for the Z80 aka tells what sfx or music to play.

0x660000 - 0x663FFF Network Memory

0x900000 Start of Graphic memory can change with each game.

0x900000 - 0x903FFF Palette
0x904000 - 0x907FFF 16x16
0x908000 - 0x90BFFF 32x32
0x90C000 - 0x90FFFF 8x8
0x910000 - 0x913FFF 16x16 mainly hud and character names on select screen

0xFF0000 - 0xFFFFFF - Main Memory

Thanks jedpossum, I updated the post and added your information. Btw, I’ve published part two here: http://pof.eslack.org/2014/04/08/hacking-super-street-fighter-ii-turbo-part-2/ it explains some very basic concepts of m68k assembly needed to do ROM patching, and includes a couple of new MAME cheats. Hopefully someone will find it useful :slight_smile: Again, I appreciate any comments :smiley: