Hacking the ST rom


The graphics are still there (even in HSF2). Plus the graphics for tournament version of ssf2 where you link 8 cabs together.
Edit: FHD’s Hitbox editor has to wait for another day.

Edit 2:


I would really dig a community modded ST. The entire, interested, ST community contributes changes and all have to be approved by majority (or something). I wonder what would we be able to create…


fatboy, apparently yes, it will be possible to play this on ggpo. I believe that if the players have different roms, the game wont start at all. But if it happens to start somehow, it will for sure desync when a modified move take effect over something, doesnt that makes sense? You don’t see Gief players using GMC rom to get that insta dizzy headbutt on GGPO… Anyway, ill test this soon, just to be 100% sure. Then, ill give explanations on how to hack frame data and hitboxes so you guys can mess with it.
jedpossum: how you did that? Thats impressive man.
Half-Ro: me too man, i think it would be fun, as long that people still plays the original ST.


The win quotes is just knowing the location 0x021D3C and doing the byte swap to read and edit it (remember to do it again after you’re done).
The Tournament Battle I haven’t completely fixed up yet, but the option to set it tournament on the ssf2 boards is still on the boards just not shown, but the memory address to the switch is.
There is also a test for telling distance between players.


I have no doubt in my mind that everyone who loves Vanilla ST will still continue to play it to their dying day. This, however, would be a really fun pet project for the community to find out what it would be like to remix the game in a similar manner as Sirlin. I think a community project is a little better because of the varied input allows people to see things from all sides, all biases. For ST being one of the most “known” games around, I find it cool to believe that we ACTUALLY DO have enough knowledge about the game combined to make tweaks to it and not ruin the overall feel of the game. Lets go ST:R!


I just got a crazier idea Hyper Street Fighter 2 The Koryu Tournament.


Sirlin must be rolling in his grave right now… wait… he’s not dead yet, errrr… nevermind.


Cool. That’s addresses my worries. I would to hate see hacked version of ST running around GGPO. If there is on thing XBL has taught all of us, some players will cheat if they can.



Some already do. But I would say the number of players cheating on GGPO is surprisingly low, compared to other games I played.


Definitely keep the supers. If you don’t like it then play new challengers.
Cps1 sfx
Nerf boxers super
Nerf Chun li’s moves
Reduce throw range from half-sweeping distance to close range
Input throw command to jab and short simultaneously like 3rd strike.

That’s all for now


Allow other characters to pick up the claw.


Some mods
cammy : let her have vegas jump, she already fast
n.ken : o.ken hk and dp, reversal super
n.gat : same cancels as o.gat and super reversal


Figure out the Kabuki sound engine, where the samples are stored exactly, the format of said sound, and figure out a conversion so it can work on Q-Sound cause nobody is going to do it for you. Sure, I’m working Q-Sound but that is just to port SFEX music to the Cps2, and guess what they’re both Q-sound and there is a lot of different versions for Q-Sound.


Honda’s hp chop a command normal as opposed to a proximity normal would be really, really nice. A super that actually works is an obvious one, and then maybe some of his Hyper Fighting hit boxes. I like the approach of making other people against honda as opposed to nerfing honda himself.




I always thought it would be cool to have multiple supers, like III where ryu could select between tatsu rk or hado super for ST.

Fun if anything else

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I’m done with the tournament battle stuff until i get 4 boards to mod or there is an emulator made to support to the features.
0xFF8349 is the memory location set it to 01 (warning this shit is very buggy even on the board it is supported on)


Much more open to debate and furthering or halting any work with community input rather than some Neo or wanna be Neo rabbit man out there?

with this new “4rd Strike” Street Fighter 3 hacked game and no tool or information sharing, coming out recently.

Wrote that terrible. Might fix it later, exciting times for the “old man games.”


only one change…

Delete claw.

Yours sincerely.




Since we can only change the hitboxes and frame data right now, I will just suggest changes based on that idea.

Things I would change IF POSSIBLE:

  • Remove stored supers : chun, honda
  • Remove stored specials : honda, vega
  • Normalize some moves damage (Sagat TU, Chun mp throw come to mind)


  • Hurt box increase on her c.mk. This move is nigh untouchable outside of trade for rog in footsies :frowning:
  • Hurt box increase on Neutral Jump sk


  • Hurt box increase on hands during Tiger Shot, no frame change on Tiger Shot itself.
  • Something would be nice with with s.sk and s.mk, can the cancelablility of the 2nd bit on both be changed?


  • Hurtbox increase on Slides. I never saw the point of the guy having a incredibly hard to hit AA up close with slide when he has so many AA options already. In a projectile war, he still has his drills as a threat in addition to his really good fireball. I honestly don’t think a slide change would hurt his game plan too much and would open up some opportunities for characters that struggle to get in versus him (fei, shotos, etc).

  • c.mp hurtbox increase similar to HDR. Thinking specifically about the guile match up.

  • Hurtbox on super? You can’t touch this guy while his doing it even if you jumped over him (by a miracle). If you ACTUALLY DID guess right, you should be able to do something to the super being whiffed and his back is to you.


  • Super start up and invincibility remain the same but, unsafe on block. I don’t know how much would be fair but, his super is really powerful. If the super was to remain safe, I would see it lose some damage then, if possible.

  • Slight throw range reduction to MP throw (ala HDR).

I feel I am really biased towards Rog but, I don’t know what else I would change with him and still have him feel nearly the same in play-style (raw aggression). HDR had him lose his safe jab headbutt and I don’t think it hurt him TERRIBLY but, it did change how you thought about playing him while on offense.


  • I really like Ryu how he is now for the most part. I don’t think he needs much in the changes department. DEFINITELY no buffs though. He is about as good as you should be as a top tier character.


  • c.rh more forward momentum? or negative frames, make it so that you have to space slide perfectly to remain safe and it isn’t pushing him out to the distance to do another safe slide lol.

  • Wall Dive slash. You could try a few things with this, maybe a hit box reduction, making it have to be more precise to land / cross. You could give the move more recovery frames so that it isn’t repeatable (my choice). You could make it so that it has a hurt box that is hittable more often than not. Could do a few things to it to make it “fair”.

I really only talked about the better characters in the game. There are others that I think need some changes but you have to start somewhere.


Regarding the CPS1 sounds for Q-Sound, didn’t Hyper SFII already do that? Seems like we could look at either importing those bits of code, or simply modding Hyper SFII instead (or as well).