Hacking the TTT2 Prima guide (or any other guide)


The TTT2 Prima guide is one of the most poorly organized things I’ve seen in a while, even worse than Prima’s awful UMvC3 attempt. Characters organized by the first name of the writer who wrote about them? Character frame data separated from the rest of the information and again organized by the first name of the writer, who didn’t even compile the frame data? Baffling. Unfortunately this is such a disorganized mess that it’s beyond complete repair, but we can at least improve it a little bit.

1 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prima Guide: $25
1 3-ring 2"-3" binder: $7-10
1 local paper/copy/office supplies business
1 ability to organize information in accordance with traditional human norms
(–Optional 2 packs of 8-tab binder dividers, 3 sets each (48 tab dividers total): $10)

Time: 45 minutes

Cost: $32-$45

Step 1: Head to your local Kinkos, OfficeMax, Staples, or other paper/copy shop. Ask the person behind the counter to cut the binding off your TTT2 guide and 3-hole punch it. Tell them to cut as close to the binding as they can so that none of the information in the guide is cut off. This is an easy, cheap process; for me, it took the woman at OfficeMax about a minute and cost $1.19. Some pages may still be stuck to each other, but they should pull apart easily. When done, this is what your guide will look like:

–Note: your local copy shop might ask that you do the 3-hole punching yourself. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Step 2: Decide on how your TTT2 guide pages will be organized. Personally, I’m going with alphabetical. I dunno, it’s something I came up with last week, seems to be working pretty well. Maybe I’ll let Prima know about it next time. If you’d like to arrange your guide in this amazing new way, the order I went with is:
–Alex, Alisa, Anna, Armor King, Asuka, Baek, Bob, Bruce, Bryan, Christie/Eddy, Devil Jin, Dragunov, Feng, Forest, Ganryu, Heihachi, Hwoarang, Jack, Jaycee, Jin, Jinpachi, Jun, Kazuya, King, Kuma/Panda, Lars, Lee, Lei, Leo, Lili, Marduk, Marshall, Miguel, Nina, Paul, PJack,
Raven, Roger, Steve, Tiger, True Ogre, Wang, Xiaoyu, Yoshimitsu, Zafina. Tweak as you will.
–Note: I bought tabs, but I’m not going to put them in until the DLC characters are all out so that I’m sure I have the organization right and will know which characters are just palette swaps and which need their own sections.

Step 3: Separate the character information from the character frame data.

Step 4: Organize the character information sections according to your desired order. Since the first page of each character section is the back page of the character section before it and doesn’t have very important information, start each new character section with what was originally its 2nd page. Then place these sections in order in your binder until you’re all out of sections. I think it’s easiest to start from Z and work your way back to A so that you can place the pages into the binder without having to flip them over. This is what your guide should look like:

Step 5: Go through the character frame data. Unfortunately, in some cases stupid Prima put more than one character’s data onto individual pages. When this comes up, you just have to prioritize. For example, Prototype Jack’s frame data shares pages with both Paul and Roger. I want to play PJack and I don’t want to play Paul or Roger, so I put all those pages in PJack’s section, effectively screwing Paul and Roger. Sorry guys, but stupid ass Prima barfed out such a terribly poor solution to its sole, simple function of compiling the character information supplied to them by the authors and the frame data supplied to them by Namco that I had to make an executive decision about who would win and who would lose, and you didn’t win! Here’s what my PJack section looks like:

–Note: If you’re really fancy and care about this a lot, you can fix this with your handy dandy copy machine. If I cared enough, I’d copy the pages that have Paul and Roger’s data so that I can have those copies in the Paul and Roger sections as well as the PJack sections. I might still do this in the future.

Here’s the finished project:

No, it’s not perfect, but it’s the best I can do with one of the most poorly organized information resources I’ve come across in a long time.


Thought about something like this for most of my guides, especially the Japanese mooks that stick the frame data in the back and other random tidbits but I currently just have some thin post-it notes tabbing for the characters I like.

Cool share, bro.


They are going to release a PDF eventually. For any iPad users it’s nice to have I guess. I had one for sfxt it was pretty nice.


Apparently a lot of the frame data is wrong.

What now David.

What now


The Prima TTT2 guide now has an amended PDF available for download on their website here: