Hacking X-Arcade to include a 360

First person to show me how to hack a X-Arcade joystick to include a Perfect 360 Joystick, using the power from the pcb board, will win a 1 Year Subscription to SRK premium member services and a set of 10 Evolution 2003 Cards.

I don’t even think it’s possible cause I’ve heard there is no 5V inside the PCB. Now, if you bought an external 5V, maybe it’s a possibility…

just hook a 3.5v battery to it, and you’re set to go. Thats the aa size. Can I have my premium membership now?

Heh. I knew my amateur knowledge of custom sticks wouldn’t be able to compare to you.:frowning: :frowning:

You’ll need to do some extra research on it, but apparently the black wire running from the PS to the controller carries a 5V current. But do some testing to make sure. I don’t want you to blow a port/pcb/system.

disreguard my post, since the batter is actually 1.5

wizard, use a multimeter to determine, which point on the pcb is connected to the 5th pin on the playstation plug, usually its the red wire. For the ground, you can share it with the other grounds from the buttons. I’ve seen it done this way before instead of having a seperate ground wire for the ground on the p360. just wire the 5v from the pcb to the molex on the adapter, then wire the red wire(5v wire) from the p360 to the molex connector on the stick.

you can use atx powersupply for the p360.
the red wire is the +5.

other then that.
not possible to draw +5 directly from the x-arcade PCB.

an adaptor might also work.
but I gotta try that and post back.
i will be installing p360 for my panel and my pad is all hot glued so no power from the PCB :bluu:

Grab the +5 off of pin 4 from the ps/2 (as in keyboard, not sony) port inside the x-arcade. This will probably only work when used with the ps/2 keyboard connector hooked up to a computer, but he didn’t specify. :slight_smile:

Keyboard lights (numlock, caps lock, scroll lock) DO come on when used through a xarcade and there doesn’t seem to be any circuitry in the ps/2 adapter, so you may want to check with your multimeter at the DB-9 connection on the x-arcade to see if any of them give +5v. Considering all the IC’s inside the xarcade, I guarantee that there is one, but without having one myself, I can’t say which. I’ve googled like mad and not found a pinout yet. If you dont want to use the multimeter when its hooked up for fear of frying a port, unplug the xarcade, open the bottom, put one end of your multimeter on pin 4 of the ps/2 port, and check for connectivity with each of the pins on the DB-9 port. You get connection, youve found your +5v.

But, for PC, connect the crimps to ground and the four directions on the p360, crimp a piece of wire with a .187" connector, solder the other end inside the xarcade to pin 4 of the PS/2 port (looks like youd have to solder it on the underside of the pcb. The ps/2 port housing is in the way), and slip the connector onto the +5 post on the p360.

(No warranty expressed or implied. It breaks, you keep both pieces.)
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Ive had zuggzugg who is famous for making arcade sticks look at the situation, and after 5 hours, he was unable to find a +5 volt connection on the pcb, thats why i was asking the SRK community to try to hack it, since i know the pcb board has power coming in from the ps2, but i dont know where it goes to.

well the x-arcade pcb DOES have +5 but I heard there are “tricks” involved.
like hold a button some other crap I heard. :confused:

anyhey the best you can do is have zuggrugg wire you a ps pad and everything solved.

Maybe if your in analog mode it’ll show up?

Ive gotten power to the p360 by just routing the power to the led light.

However the p360 sent a constant down-left motion. When the down crimp got pulled the up went constantly and left got pulled the right went.

I talked to some manager guy at x-arcade and he said something about the ground not putting out all of the carry-over voltage from the led red wire causing the rest of the voltage to get sent through the directional paths causing constant connection then he said an “L2” chip or board or something might fix it but he wouldnt be sure.

I was then abruptly interupted and transfered to the dial-tone department of the x-arcade help line.

I have been un-able to get this guy back on the phone but he sent me an e-mail with diagrams of the innards.

Does anyone else get this constant motion from there p360?

can you post that diagram up?

That attachment was one page lol. If you can email, email it to me @ fmjaguar@mistfiner.us and i’ll put it up. Or if your on irc dcc it, or aim by the same name.

K, Sent… akumaghost@yahoo.com

Im going tommorow to get a transistor that will shave 2v off the 3.5v output of the directional outs cuasing the p360 to stop sending constant .004v out the directionals which makes all directions act at the same time (.001v-.100v threshold). I also cut a 5v sony cd player recharger as a power source for the p360.

I dont even know if it will work yet…

CRAP! Still not working, still constant voltage i tried a potetiometer but it only took like .015VDC off the current, i need someone who can calculate the ohms. I WILL figure this out…:fury:


so, are you people saying that, if you bought/spent money on p360, it wont work on X-Arcade?

If happ sent you one for free it also wouldn’t work.

If you stole one it probably wouldn’t work i haven’t tested it tho.

The X-arcade expects switch sticks, so the electronics of the 360 are not compatible, that we know of yet.


shiit that sucks