Had a idea in the training room

so i was linking cr.mk into akuma’s mp.red fireball…and i thought if i fadc backwards while the opponent tries to jump over the projectile and ultra 1 him before he lands and barely tried it…but honestly i think its kind of uneccessary because he doesn’t really have to fadc from a red fireball to bait for a ultra 1 i guess im a newbert so bare with me…but maybe the cr.mk…means something idk and plus i probably and likely i seen this before… i watch a ton of ssf4 videos…i am not trying to take any credit…if this doesn’t sound stupid to anyway lol “just something i randomly thought of” and this isn’t very genius either lol

gr8 job buddy. way to shoot down ur own idea. one of the mods close this please

this just something that popped in my head…i’m not really a setup,mixup,reset seeking kind of guy…well everything is natural, anyways that was basically my first attempt and thought,i wasn’t even playing ssf4 when i was thinking of it…