Had a weird feeling towards my fighting games


Hi there,
early this year I’ve been playing UMvC3 and try to compete with many players locally or over the net. Most of the time I got beat up so bad and been working hard to get a perfect team synergy and combos.
However, a few days ago when steam sell SSF4AE for 10 bucks I couldn’t resist to buy it and play with some couple friend and we surely had a great fun since we’re all equal in techniques,etc. After playing SSF4AE and get back to UMvC3 I lost that exciting moment to play and rather to practice in SSF4AE. For other reason I have a friend who are in my level to play with where in UMvC3 everyone’s surrounds me are way better than me. Is this common? How do I keep myself engaged and not bored with the game?


Unfortunately fighting games are only as fun as your competition. If nobody around you wants to play them seriously and you excel, then you’re forced to dumb your play down or just play at half-speed to make it more interesting. On the flipside if you’re the bad player in the group of good friends then it’s not going to be fun until you catch up and get on their level.

The fact you HAVE friends around you that are willing to play fighting games with you IRL is a big incentive to get better, but other than practicing a lot there isn’t much to get over the feeling of being “bored” until you bring it to their level. This is a very common feeling though, I play a lot of SF4 and UMvC3, but when you compare my skills - I’m absolute garbage at Marvel. When playing with friends who aren’t as good, I have way more fun with Marvel because when we switch to SF4 it’s just a beat down.

Nobody likes to lose - it’s why we train! Don’t lose hope and start asking for help from your friends, ask them stuff like “why does that setup work every time”, “what are you pushing that beats my ___”?


Wow this a really good reply and I really appreciate it.
For some reason when I go to a place to play nearby I rarely find someone who are similar to my level and when I do play with them it just made a great sensation after couple matches. I got pumped up and want to train more. I guess I have to keep positive attitude in order to become stronger. Other than that I feel that my learning curve kinda slow compare to my friends or maybe I just don’t do stuff in “training mode” correctly. Can I get some advise in training mode? what should I do inside? Because most of the times when I finished my training and play with someone else or CPU I feel that I couldn’t remember combos that I practices under some situation and start to mash like no one else’s business.lol.

It is also true that nobody likes to lose and when I lost a lot I start to mash buttons and can’t do my combos well.

Again thanks for the reply GordonsBeard, appreciate it.


If you’re having trouble doing combos on a moving opponent, try setting the training dummy to “CPU” or playing through arcade mode until you learn to hit-confirm. As far as mashing under pressure goes… learning to keep calm under pressure is something that takes work in any environment. It’s not a challenge unique to fighting games, haha. Keep putting yourself under pressure, and you will learn to cope.

TL;DR: Practice more, especially against real people and you’ll learn to keep calm and keep thinking eventually. Not mashing will come sometime after that. The AI can be helpful in learning to actually perform combos, since it moves around and you have to think a little about hit-confirming.


Training in Marvel is such an annoying thing to get done because it feels like 80% of the game is getting that first hit in, and then 20% is executing that combo you spent hours on. The problem is there isn’t any great way to practice how to get in with just the CPU standing there dumbly, I’ll be watching this thread as well for hints on how to step up my “getting-in” game in Marvel.


Getting In: Put tons of hitboxes on the screen, teleport. Repeat.