Had no idea this was possible with guile

I was messing around in training mode practicing J. HK -> Cr.MP xx Super in HDR when I accidently kara’d the Cr. MP and the super still comboed only after doing a J. HK. Blew my mind that this was possible. I’ve seen Muteki attempt it once in one of his matches, but the super didn’t combo, I thought maybe he missed a cr. mp or standing fierce or something, I guess he was going for this:


That isn’t tool assisted, that’s me loading a saved state over and over until I landed it to record it. Ask DJFrijoles, I showed him it’s possible on GGPO. Also did it on HDR, using HDR guile.

Kinda useless except to show off, but cool none the less.

lol damn im surprised you of all combo masters didnt know that. But yea its pretty awesome. Funny i actually learned how to do that before i was able to learn j.hk>cr.mp>super thanks to a certain someone lol. Great vid man.

lol, Ya I guess I learn some new things, I’m always looking for ways to show off haha. As with most of his jumpins, the trick is starting the charge as early as possible.

I’ve been loving this sorta option select guile can do. Cr short x2, if they block st. short xx boom, if they dont, super.

St short into boom looks so sweet.

It’s a good dizzy punish for slim characters (shoto/chun). And like you said, it’s flashy =]

BTW, what software you used to record this? I have fraps but somehow it wouldn’t capture the sound…

Fraps, you need to record in full screen mode otherwise the recording will lag the game.

Nice combo, I didn’t know this was possible. Thanks for the video.

Nice Pasky… It would appear there wouldn’t be enough frames to charge that super, but I guess if you do it frame tight it works. Looks like it will work on all characters, which its really nice.

Two tricks to this. You gotta charge super fucken fast as soon as you leave the ground just like with J. HK -> Cr. MP xx super. 2nd, you need to hit that J. HK at just about the last possible frame giving you the max amount of time to charge and perform the motion before they leave hit stun.