Hado Shoryuken

How invincible is this move? When is it invincible?

Its invincible from the start of the animation(when Ryu crouches down and starts charging) all the way though the SRK and following projectile. Its only vunerable during the recovery.

This move wins me too many matches.

Here’s the big question. Can you cancel into Denjin mode during the start-up of hado-shoryu?

That would be like a mini X-factor if you could, but I don’t know if you can or not.

I really love this move! I think lots of people wondered why there was no shoryuken for Ryu mixed with energy (like in Pocket Fighters) but this is way more badass. Glad they put this in. And yeah it’s Highly Effective

To clarify something that hasn’t been answered in almost two months:

Yes, you can cancel the beginning frames of Hado SRK into Denjin mode.

Just take in mind that the opponent will no be in blockstun if you do it. Hado Srk’s active (hitting) frames start up after Ryu leaves the ground.