Hadoken Baiters



Ever had a match where the other player has an Ultra stocked up and is just waiting for a Hadoken to punish from full screen.

Which characters have Ultras that can punish Ryus Hadoken with an Ultra from almost full screen ?

Chun Li - Ultra 1
Blanka - Ultra 2
Seth - Ultra 1
Dudley - Ultra 1
Vega - Ultra 1

Have I missed any ?


Adon Ultra One from about 3/4 screen. I could be VERY wrong but cammy ultra one might as well, but I don’t play cammy so i’m just going by what I vaguely remember from playing some friendlies in vanilla with a friend who played cammy.


Bison Ultra 2 <3


makoto ultra 2 I think


Feels like everyone.

The best thing to do is to adjust. If they are playing with intentions of landing that ultra then you can capitalize. That basically comes down to playing better footisies and being a little more aggressive with 2 bars looking for the fadc to ultra. Some players get really passive when they get ultra.


When the opponent can punish your fireballs on reaction, you’ll have to adjust your game accordingly, but often it also opens up options, depending on your opponent’s skill.

If your opponent is waiting for you to throw a fireball, that usually means they’re focused on reacting to it. Therefore, you can get away with other things, like a quick dash in c.mk, or maybe even a jump. You might also be able to make them react to a bait. You can also try to surprise them with close range fireballs, though if the opponent is really good, those will get punished too.

It’s also a good time to pretend you’re Zangief and just walk forward. The opponent might be so focused that they forget to fight for their spacing. Put them in the corner :slight_smile:


The thing is about Fireballs is that there is a certain risk behind it, do a slow one and your opponent will jump over it or FADC through it, do a fast one and he’ll get a free jump in. Nothing is without risk, if it was, It’d be Shin Gouki in CVS 2.That said You’ve missed:

-Ken U2
-El fuerte U2
-Dhalsim’s U2 ON REACTION
-Yang’s U2
-Claw’s U2

And that’s all the top off my head at the moment. Just be mindful when throwing a fireball, people will be expecting it especially when you’re playing as Ryu. I find that jabbing instead of fireballing will sometimes cause a reaction from a player sometimes…


It’s not just Ultras you have to worry about. There are EX moves, teleports, even FA’s at midscreen distance. eg. Even though Abel might not be able to react with Ultra at close range, he can still roll into cr.hp and then combo into U1. Dhalsim can teleport into a knockdown combo for a U1 mixup. Then there are chars who can FA through fireballs and then Ultra from nearly full screen (eg. Boxer). Some chars can use EX moves for a knockdown and reset you for potentially more damage leading into Ultra eg. Ibuki

Basically, you just have to know all your opponent’s options, and learn to recognize when they might be trying to bait something.


This! It feels like the whole cast has something for Ryu. Just know who you are playing against.


cammy has one i think


I’m gonna do a write up of all the anti fireball ultras and specials, and what to look for, coming soon. I made this list for a friend, so I figured I’d share it. It’ll probably be on monday :stuck_out_tongue:


Dan U1, well, just about 1/4 of the screen


I when to use Ryu when to my opponent throws a rope of blanka I use the ultra combo ryu


At about 3 quarters away yea, but not too early or the invincibility frames will end too soon.


Abel u1 dee jay u1 rose u 1( not too sure) vega u2


Cody u2 yun u2 bison u1 fei long u1 ( close range) honda u1
Sagat u2/u1 seth u1 chun li u1 balrog u1 goukens denjin hado
Can punish fireballs easily at max speed


Ryu U1
Ken U2
Honda U1
Ibuki U2
Makoto U2
Dudley U1
Seth U1
Gouken U2
Gen U1 and U2 (air)
Dan U1
Yun U2 (lol)
Chun U1
Dhalsim U2
Abel U1 and U2
Viper U2 (lol)
Bison U2
Sagat U2
Cammy U1
Cody U2
Guy U1 (very close)
Yang U2
Guile U2
Blanka U2
Rufus U2
Elf U1 and U2
Vega U1 and U2
Balrog U1
Fei U1 (close
Adon U1
Rose U1


Seth’s u2 can suck in hadoukens at close range too


Characters that have 1 hit full ultras or moves that can absorb the hadoken leading to punish

Dudley U2
Seth U2
Oni U2
Chun U2
Bison U1 (I’ve seen him hop over a hado)
Yang U1 (If he hits Ryu’s hand it’s done
E.Ryu U2 (he can go through if done in a blockstring ect


Shin Gouki in CVS2 was the riskiest character of all. He died in 1-2 hits. He’d be useless in serious matches unless he used some reliable glitch or something.