Hadoken, FADC, c.MP, cancel into back teleport KKK, cancel into U2



Hi my fellow Akuma players, I hope this is useful for you. If you already knew about this please forgive me but I’ve never seen that combo or either thought it was possible to do.

[media=youtube]1mM2xofs-nc]YouTube - Fujino [Akuma] vs ManakareshiPlus [Rose[/media] @ 01:29


I dont mean to offend you but this should have been posted in the video thread. Also, cr.mp or cs.hp teleport U2 is already known. Thanks for contributing, but try to decide better if a post deserves its own thread.


Ok, sorry about that!


This was actually quite helpful, thanks!


Yes, it was useful, and I appreciate you posting it.


how do you cancel C.MP intro back teleport KKK then into U2? been in the lab trying to do it but the c.mp doesnt combo into the u2, looks like im just too slow =(
anyone else has been sucessful doing that combo?


I actually pulled it off in a game vs a dudley to punish a blocked MGB. The motion I use is first I buffer d/b, move to d/f, then go d/b+mp (chuck in a plink as well), u/b+kkk, b, u/b+kkk both cancels have to be really quick. But the motions are quite easily done by just riding the square gate.