Hadoken King


Hadoken, would you mind making me another avatar, please?

Yu Yu Hakusho: I just saw six episodes today, and it’s the first time I’ve seen it.

Could I get something animated with Hiei and Jin? They don’t have to be fighting.

If Not: anything un-animated with those two will work too.

Alternative: Touya and Kurama, animated perferably, fighting not a must.

If not: Un-animated would work too

I couldn’t find any sprites though, no matter how hard I looked. If you don’t wanna bother yourself to find them, I guess I could look alittle more.

That is, if you’ll do this for me.

I couldn’t find your AVA request thread!


it’s cuz i’m not really taking private requests anymore or at least for a while. today is the last day i’ll have the internet 24/7, so chances are if you don’t see it up tonight or tomorrow morning, you wont see it up for a while, unless you ask some1 else.

i’ll see what i can do. i’ve never seen yu yu ha…whatever, so i have no idea what you’re talking about. i don’t even know what it is actually.

if you could find me pics, instead of sprites, that’d be awesome as well. just link the pics, u don’t have to upload them and waste a day and a half uploading all of them


ok, my friend made an avatar, and i just animated it.

i dind’t know who those two guys were… but here yah go



Wow dude, that’ll work great! Thanks.
and tell your friend I said thanks too!